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Come Check Out Blightfall!

All today the Technic team is playing Blightfall.  We're ridiculously terrible at video games, so come by, laugh at us, and talk to us about Blightfall!


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wheres hexxit and tekkit 2
so just how bad are you guys at video games
gonebuilding23 7 years ago
Dragonwolf_1113 7 years ago
i just Watch it and they are soo bad at video games but somehow i need 2 GB RAM and i got 1 GB RAM can someone plzz tell me how to get 2 GB RAM plzz
Install Java 1.7
Posted by LahusaLP 7 years ago
to do this go to java and go to all of javas downloads and get the offline 64 bit
Posted by Enderbro1234321 7 years ago
Dang, can you even run tekkit with 1 gb?
Posted by TorchMiner101 7 years ago
You need to allocate more RAM to technic to do this you will need 32-bit and 64-bit java then go to launcher options click java settings and and change memory to 2G of RAM or more.
Posted by Quak 7 years ago
when i try and download Blightfall, it still says install next to the delete pack button
AceOfSpades__ 7 years ago
I have this problem
razvanwar2 7 years ago
No1 wants play this we all wait until Hexxit 2...
Nightm4re 7 years ago
great show ;)
magonreal 7 years ago
Why do i have to have 2 G of ram just to see if the game runs im on a gaming laptop and i cant even get the pack
NeoReaper199 7 years ago
If you don't have 2G of ram then that is NOT a gaming laptop.
Posted by IanJ642 7 years ago
Just allocate more RAM to technic one of the comments above has the instructions.
Posted by Quak 7 years ago
When you get pixelmon and u wanna go multiplayer and u have to download something and I didn't mean to hit cancel but I did. What do I do?
Sillydilly78 7 years ago
The launcher isn't launching any of the 3 modpacks I installed. It keeps doing this and it just seems like it's the time of day. Does the launcher just not work after a certain time or is mine just glitching/broken?
wheres hexxit and tekkit 2???? WE WANT IT SO BAD
Posted by IanJ642 7 years ago
Just wait, they'll come
Posted by SomeWeirdo 7 years ago
can some1 post me a link for the java update I need to adjust the GB please
YawningTripod82 7 years ago
Guys can u help me with the launcher? it says its the wrong password and user and i know its right! can Someone Help me?
johnnypaul7 7 years ago
how do you get 2gb ram?
dante8766 7 years ago
hey u guys should add a multiplayer but there are different worlds so everyone could talk trade and have a mall but all of there resources wouldn't be depleted like an open world server and you can invite friends or other ppl to play with you and help you out
creepershield 7 years ago
You should really make a tekkit classic remastered or something because tekkit classics great bur with newer minecraft (1.8) and new mods it could be awesome
Enderbro1234321 7 years ago
how do you get a quarry in the attack of the b team mod
CJDiamondMaster 7 years ago
how do you get a quarry in the attack of the b team mod
CJDiamondMaster 7 years ago
how do you get 1.8
Hippopocturo 7 years ago
This isn't a 1.8 pack you cretin.
Posted by IanJ642 7 years ago
ok i started this new mod pack and its the best thing sence skyfactory. for god sake it way BETTER!
kassidyouimet 7 years ago
kassidyouimet 7 years ago
we already know Blightfall is on stop send this about it!
RosieSugar 7 years ago
Just saying you guys... If your computer doesn't have 2gb of ram its probably not even worth trying to play minecraft. You can get a cheap computer with 4 gb on it easy.
TorchMiner101 7 years ago
b;ightfall dosent work
doodlethefish 7 years ago
It won't let me choose 2gb in the ram section, is there any way I can fix this?
llodoroo 7 years ago
Guys I like the launcher BUT 1 problem... is it my technic password and user or email? or my minecraft password and email Please replie! :) -johnny
johnnypaul7 7 years ago
WAT THE HECK?! I have 8 GB Total of RAM....and i can't launch a @ GB RAM Modpack!!
Stingels 7 years ago
Meeee to!!! i have 8 GB of ram and i cant to
Posted by God_Knight 7 years ago
I have 8GB RAM In total and i CAN'T launch Blightfall!!
Stingels 7 years ago