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"Bad login" error on some older modpacks

Edit: Originally this post mentioned the old auth servers had been taken offline. Apparently, that issue wasn't related with the alpha/beta auth servers being taken offline, as originally mentioned here, and has been, since then, fixed. This post isn't applicable anymore.

The original post is kept below for historic reasons.

You might have received a "Failed to login: Bad login" error when trying to connect to a server on some older modpacks. This is because Mojang has disabled their old authentication servers (, which means that Minecraft versions older than 1.6 can't authenticate anymore. For example: Tekkit Classic.

If you're running a Minecraft server for these versions, the only workaround right now is to set your server to offline mode (online-mode=false) via the file located in the root of the server folder, which will disable all authentication, so it's highly recommended to install a plugin like AuthMe ( so your players are at least acceptably safe.

This issue is listed on Mojang's bug tracker at


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help me
alieu112233 2 years ago
help me
alieu112233 2 years ago
Please Help me I got the Bug, if i wanna join a Server i cant join and because: End of Stream
Thomsas361 4 years ago
I have a Mac and I have downloaded the technic launcher multiple times but when I open the download it just shows the logo and won't do any thing (I have downloaded the latest version of java)
perSoNsSs 4 years ago
I'm Having trouble with Pixelmon it's not wanting to play after I have followed all tutorials on how to do it. My PC is running Java edition of Minecracraft, at 64bits. Got Java 64bit too and still having agro. Could it be my PC is not enough at : CPU Pentium G630 @2.70GHz, RAM 4GB, and the Graphics is Intel HD?
Older then 1.6? 1.5.2 is still working with the offline servers Legacy editions grown are from time at the 1.3/1.4 Java times idk if older then 1.5.2 works but 1.5.2 still working (1.5.2) 1.5.2 modpack client with server (CraftBukkit version git-MCPC-Plus-jenkins-MCPC-Plus-Legacy-653 (MC: 1.5.2) (Implementing API version 1.5.2-R1.1-SNAPSHOT))
VeeRTu 4 years ago
I have problem to log into Technic Launcher , when I type my email and password and press log in then it says Auth servers Inacessible so I cant play at all , so please if you can help me somehow then say me how I can fix this
cvok 4 years ago
I'm not able to get into several 1.7.10, 1.12.2 modpacls. I already tried to uninstall and dowload and nothing. What do I do?
Salem190409 4 years ago
im trying to play a modpack whos name is "future era 2" and i cant play online with friends! Can someone help me?
Guta 4 years ago
Can u please help. I cant do this, because i didnt understand yet! Please someone can help me!!?
Guta 4 years ago
This doesn't explain why can't I log in?
GreenieBeanie 4 years ago
GreenieBeanie, if you can't log into the launcher, double check that you typed your email address and password correctly. You might need to also try going to and log in there to see if that works. If you're having issues joining a server, it'd depend on what error you're getting. If it's a "Bad Login" error, that means that either Mojang's servers are down, or that you're logged into your Minecraft account in more than one place. Make sure that you only have one copy of Minecraft open. If you only have one copy open, and don't share your account with anyone else who might be logged into it, but other people are still able to join that same server, I'd suggest changing your password as your account could have been compromised. Other possibilities are the server's whitelisted and you're not on the whitelist, the server's full, the IP you entered is incorrect, or the server you're trying to connect to is offline. Sometimes Minecraft will glitch out a bit when trying to join a server and refuse to let you join it even when the server is up and accepting players. Usually that can be fixed by joining another server, joining a single player world, or restarting your game.
Posted by TheKdub 4 years ago
Thank you for misinforming the community about this issue. The ticket linked in your post ( is regarding login servers for alpha and beta versions of Minecraft. Not pre-1.6 release versions of Minecraft. Tekkit Classic and other older modpacks are NOT affected by those alpha and beta login servers being shut down. Mojang has not shut down, and has not indicated that they will be shutting down login or session servers for Minecraft pre-1.6.
TheKdub 4 years ago
Apologies for this, but at the time it seemed like this was the problem, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of information on what this problem actually was or how it was resolved (but at the time this was posted those auth servers didn't exist anymore).
Posted by Pyker 3 years ago | Technic Staff
im running a virtual lan server with my friend for blightfall (1.7.10) yet we get the same problem. is that version affected too?
ballspenis 4 years ago
I have 2 computers a laptop and a monitor. I can open technic on both the laptop and monitor and pick the modpack I want the play. But then when the Mojang screen shows up and the mods start to load. Technic will not load when I bring it to my monitor. But it will load just fine on my computer. None of my other games have this problem so I'm assuming its technic and I have tried just about everthing and I was wondering if anyone has some advice for me please?
5150Monkey 4 years ago
this is Fu***** annoying... :3
NickerdeNick 4 years ago
But how should we install plugins on a modpack server? I cant seem to find a way how to install mods and Plugins, there was an old "mod" that made it possible but its not aviable anymore :/
SkyPlayz 4 years ago
It'd depend on which modpack it is, and what version of Minecraft it runs. Tekkit Classic natively supports plugins with CraftBukkit++. Tekkit Lite and some others do not natively support plugins, but support can be added by using something like Cauldron or another Forge + Bukkit combination.
Posted by TheKdub 4 years ago
Cauldron or Sponge I believe.
Posted by Rarket 4 years ago
Older then 1.6? 1.5.2 is still working with the offline servers Legacy editions grown are from time at the 1.3/1.4 Java times idk if older then 1.5.2 works but 1.5.2 still working (1.5.2) 1.5.2 modpack client with server (CraftBukkit version git-MCPC-Plus-jenkins-MCPC-Plus-Legacy-653 (MC: 1.5.2) (Implementing API version 1.5.2-R1.1-SNAPSHOT))
BluePeer 4 years ago