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Attack of the B-Team: Server File Release!

Good morning, good morning!  As many of you know, later today we will be beginning Early Access for Attack of the B-Team!  We've already racked up nearly $7,500 in donations for Child's Play charity from over 1,000 donors, and tomorrow's live stream is sure to bring in even more charity!

We want to make sure that everyone who gets early access can start playing with their friends immediately, that's why we're releasing the server files for Attack of the B-Team right now so that Game Server Providers and your every day Joe Schmoe can get their servers up and running and configured how they want now, and be ready to play in 15 hours when Early Access begins!

Here's the download link:

Thanks for your generosity, and we hope you enjoy early access! Watch this space for more news about this exciting pre-launch event!


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it is awful excuse the spelling
JENKO1254 7 years ago
the link doesnt work
SharkBait_ 9 years ago