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Attack of the B-Team: After-Action Report

Good evening, everyone!  Tonight we are happy to report that today's 5 hour livestream was a stunning success!  During the all-too-brief hangout with generikb, BDoubleO100, ChimneySwift, Keralis, and Glis, our total donations increased by 50%!

We're still coasting on the B-Team bump we just received, which means that total donations to Child's Play is only a few hundred dollars away from the incredible figure of $15,000!  So, if you haven't donated yet but were inspired by today's livestream, or if you've donated already but are feeling extra charitable, head over to and bring a little joy to some sick children!  Let's show everyone just how generous the Minecraft community can be!

We'd also like to again remind you that if you've donated but do not see Attack of the B-Team in your Technic Launcher, head over to to check your donor status and fill out a form if your donations aren't hooked up correctly to get that situation fixed and get yourself into the game!



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