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Attack of the B-Team 1.0.8 Is Now Recommended

Attack of the B-Team 1.0.8 is now marked Recommended in the launcher, and users will be asked to update the next time they attempt to launch B-Team. This is a minor version update over 1.0.7a, which fixes a number of crash issues introduced in that version, and also updates Open Blocks.

The build includes the following changes:

  • Dragon Mounts has been updated to version r55.fix- Dragon Mounts no longer crashes clients of users who saw a dragon in SMP without seeing one in SSP in the same Minecraft session.
  • Wind has been disabled in the WeatherMod config, as it was causing an incompatibility with the latest version of DubStep Gun.
  • Hats has been reconfigured to use Hat-Hunting Mode as the default- in Hat-Hunting mode, each user starts with no hats, and you obtain hats by killing hat-wearing mobs. Server owners and users who do not want this change should modify the config file to change it back.
  • Minions has had its mod file renamed to be entirely lower-case. This standard has been adopted to deal with an ongoing issue with forge in which mods load in different orders base on operating system case-sensitivity, frequently causing server and client to have different entity ID's due to the way that most mods determine those IDs.
  • Open Blocks Mod has been updated to version 1.2.5.
  • Open Mods Lib has been updated to version 0.2.

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Server owners looking to update from 1.0.7a can simply update the config files, Open Blocks, Open Mods Lib, Dragon Mounts, and rename Minions to be lower-case.


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when I start up my attack od the b-team launcher all is good the first screen works fine but then when I try click add server off the multiplayer section I wont let me click any thing at all
CHE3ZEbuddy 9 years ago