Technic News

API & Solder Issues

Currently, Heroku, our upstream provider, is in the midst of an outage causing intermittent errors and slowdowns.  This issue is with their upstream provider.  This issue is currently affecting the launcher API and may be affecting the official Technic Solder intermittently.  We will keep you up to date as the situation unfolds.


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I have a problem when i start hexxit or other modpacks it tells me that the java 64bit version is known for its minecraft error when i try to start it loads infinitely.
NBYFlashy 4 years ago
/api/ in solder not found. Why?
sysWOW32 7 years ago
I cant access anything not even log in
mooful 8 years ago
When will it be done sorry but i am not really the patient type when all the mods i have are boring when i can go online with anyone else there fore who evers fixing this please hurry
walc661 8 years ago
I can't download anything because it says 'request unauthorized' when i paste the install link into th URL bar
MC372 8 years ago
how do u get solder on mac can't seem to download plz tell :(
tjarvo123 8 years ago
Does any one else get this error message: A java extincion has occured. I have this error both off my computer! Trying to run a forge server with mods!
dante_mannen 8 years ago
Haileybys 8 years ago
Thats good because i have manged to delete my whole technic launcher client files and all tryin to fix it myself as i believed it was my laptop
Drezzd 8 years ago
Does anyone else get the error discovery page is currently unavailable?
Phobosmarx 8 years ago
Thank you for updating us it is very much appreciated.
gflink1206 8 years ago
ya i been trying to download stuff i though i was gonna have to redownload the launcher
CabbageMan 8 years ago
will all the mod pack i got come back?
chenryan43 8 years ago
this sucks duudezz
thank u for the help i cannot play tekkit , attack of the b team , etc.
Well. There goes our grant money.
Half-Life 1 joke, well played.
Posted by Twingrey 8 years ago
ich hoffe das es schnell bewoben wird den es nervt mich tiereich
Feuerwolf170 8 years ago
I bet their upstream provider is Amazon, considering I'm locked out of my amazon cloud as well.
trismegistis 8 years ago
Our upstream provider is Heroku, but their upstream provider appears to be amazon. ;)
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
Hopefully fixxed soon :( Wanted to test a new Modpack ^^
KernCrafterYT 8 years ago
thanks for the info, any updates yet?
Supertroopz 8 years ago
I was wondering why I could not access Hexxit or that, thanks for the info, I patiently await a fix.
Zallaraxium 8 years ago
Do you know when the problem will be fixed?
BenfromTAGF 8 years ago
Is there any ETA on a fix? Or possibly a mirror of the modpacks or something?
PeaceDealer 8 years ago