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A Brief Note About Recent Tekkit Lite Crashes


Some of you may have noticed that in the past day or so, Tekkit Lite has begun crashing, both in SSP and on servers.  We have investigated these issues and come to the conclusion that they are the result of a bug in Industrial Craft 2.  IC2 added a Halloween event sometime last year, which currently has a crash bug.  This crash bug was not fixed until this past June, so no fix is available for 1.4.7 versions of IC2, and there is no config option to disable the event.  Ordinarily, serious-but-simple bugs in unsupported mod versions like this could be fixed by working with the mod author to get permissions to allow CanVox to crack & fix the outdated version of a mod, but since IC2 is one of a handful of mods with anti-tampering measures, a real fix is not possible (incidentally, this is a major reason why we have never supported these anti-tampering measures).  

As a result, we can only ask that you weather this storm by using the following workaround: switching your server or game to peaceful mode will prevent the Halloween event mobs from spawning.  You can also try to forward your (or your server's) system clock past the Halloween event.  We're not certain at this time how long the event continues for, but we assume that it ends either November 1st, or shortly afterward.  Thank you for your patience.


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