f3rullo plz Contact Me its a report error and i wasted $10.80 for this plz Contact me in my Gmail which is [email protected]
Posted by SuperiorWarlock on f3rullo14's profile 7 years ago


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Hi f3rullo14 I Have The Biggest Problem I Was Playing The Official Crafting Dead And i Bought at the Store like about 9-13 Days i Bought it Kit Scout And Rank Survivor And I Changed My Minecraft Username in Mojang And My Old Username is (SuperiorWarlock) My New Username is (FlawlessPlayz) And it Costed me $10.80 To Buy This I dont Want Kit Starter All over Again Plus I Really Need My Rank (Survivor) Back And Kit (Scout) And Also I Cant Even Access To My Base!! I Even Have Three Pictures if you need them but i am Right now at My Cosins Computer So ill Send it To you When you Reply to me If you Fixed This Thank You Soo Much I really Thank you For This seriouoly im not kidding i love The Official Crafting Dead and Technic Launcher I never thought you guys would Fix it Fast If You Need Info Contact Me At My Gmail [email protected]
Posted by SuperiorWarlock 7 years ago