Your Mystreet server says I need a 2GB to play,but it doesn't have the option to have 2GBs
Posted by LuckyGirl2004 on Nimoy's profile 8 years ago


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You need to download a GB THING to your Technic launcher if you want the link to where you can get my RAM/GB then just tell me. ^.^ I might aswell give the link to you lol. WEBSITE LINK ---> If you CAN NOT download please tell me, thank you. Also if you get stuck just look up "How to Allocate Ram to Technic Launcher! THANKS BYE!
Posted by xxSnowLeopard12xx 8 years ago
I'm sorry if the link doesn't work but atleast I tried to help you ^o^ :(
Posted by xxSnowLeopard12xx 8 years ago