Hey ender media, hope you are doing well. For me it is impossible to open the steve's legacy modpack, as it tells me the following
Posted by vict5546 on endermedia's profile 1 year ago


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Forge mod loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation The Mods and version listed below could not be found Forgemultipart any
Posted by vict5546 1 year ago
The file 'logs/fml-client-latest.log' contains more information
Posted by vict5546 1 year ago
did you try downloading forge multipart
Posted by minemedia 11 months ago
I have no idea whats this means or how to fixed, the modpack however seems like the perfect one I have been looking, if you in any way have some suggestion/know how to fixed it would be greatly appreciative - Kind regards Victor Louis.
Posted by vict5546 1 year ago