Ferullo could you add a voice chat mod to all your packs. That would be useful in many situations (like asking if someones friendly or communicating with your team on counter craft competitive games).
Posted by starwarsfani10v on f3rullo14's profile 8 years ago


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Also a roleplay server for crafting dead would be awesome. And btw you have done amazing job with your modpacks! You are amazing! Thank you!
Posted by starwarsfani10v 8 years ago
You could also make the AWP in counter craft a little more inaccurate while moving and aiming down sights. It's quite unbalanced on gamemodes like TDM where you have unlimited money. Also could you make the incendiary grenade place down more fire and make the grenade do more damage coz they are quite useless ATM.
Posted by starwarsfani10v 8 years ago