Hey f3rullo, I was wondering if could change a thing that is very annoying in Counter-Craft. (I'm writing more than 250 charecters it continues in the comments)
Posted by Guddah on f3rullo14's profile 8 years ago


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(Part 2)Well when you play Competitive and everyone are reday to play exept (usually) one player that does not click "READY".
Posted by Guddah 8 years ago
(Part 3) This makes the wait to play much, much longer, yesterday I waited 40 min to play a comp game and before even warmups were done half of the players had disconnected.
Posted by Guddah 8 years ago
(Part 4) Anyway could you do a ban/kick for not pressing ready. For an example if you dont press "READY" three times in a row you get kicked from matchmaking or you get like an one hour ban. Would love that. Thanks //Guddah
Posted by Guddah 8 years ago
I just remember the post: "Teamdamage is turned off in comp, until the ban-system is finished." or something like that. Im thinkin he knows the prob. ;)
Posted by CobbleCreeper01 8 years ago
And also like 30min ban from comp if you quit when in a comp match like in real CS GO.
Posted by starwarsfani10v 8 years ago