Your modpack is the shtties thing my eyes have ever seen. It's so bugged that steve moves on it's fucking own and does the fuck he wants because i press A and S together or press space bar multiple times
Posted by Zippolol64 on Slayer5934's profile 5 years ago


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To Zippolol64 in specific, your keyboard or your pc is so screwed it auto-moves steve, it must be the "shtties thing" my eyes have (n)ever seen.
Posted by Slayer5934 5 years ago
AHAHAHAHAHA ???????????????????????? Slayer5934, I love this modpack so much, me and my brother are grinding it to get to the moon. Its so much fun, and my steve does not move on its own accord. I have no criticism of the game, only support. I just made an account to reply to this hilarious comment. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Terminator7259 4 years ago