Technic Scraps

What is Technic Scraps?

Welcome to Technic Scraps! A new way to highlight hidden gems on the Technic Platform. This is a carefully curated list of modpacks a few hand picked community members have put together. Over the last month these community members delved deep into the trenches of the Technic Platform to find modpacks that deserved a special look. They have went through hundreds upon hundreds of modpacks to narrow it down to the following three. Now it's time for everyone to give them a try!

Want to know more? Read the FAQ below to get a better picture of how Technic Scraps works.

GT New Horizons by DreamMasterXXL

Utilizing the Solder API, having a large and well staffed server, and including a kitchen sink style mod list that works together thanks to custom MineTweaker scripts and configurations, there's a lot to like for the technically inclined and hardcore seeking players in this high quality pack.

Curator Notes: The effort of nearly 2 years put into this modpack and the balanced experience focused on Gregtech is unique and truly astonishing, and convinced us to include it.

  • Modpack Type: Kitchen Sink
  • Minecraft Version: 1.7.10
  • Notable Mods: Gregtech, MineTweaker, Thaumcraft, Forestry, Applied Energistics 2, Galacticraft, Blood Magic

Modern Harmony by CakeSprinklez

With 1.8+ versions of Minecraft getting wider mod adoption, it's nice to finally see a feature rich pack for 1.10.2! Modern Harmony initially appears to be a traditional "kitchen sink" pack, but a closer look reveals it's a carefully tuned experience that is light on mods but high on playability and fun. This is a great compromise between engaging content and stability for the latest version of the game.

Curator Notes: Great selection of mods with little to no bloat, nicely designed, pleasant to play, simple fun for 1.10.2, this was the best 1.10 pack on the Platform we could find and we love it!

  • Modpack Type: Light Kitchen Sink
  • Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
  • Notable Mods: Forestry, Mekanism, Roots, Chisels and Bits

LoTRCircles by Plowmanplow

"LoTRCircles" is a pack focused around the extensive mod "The Lord of the Rings Mod", which adds the whole Tolkien universe of Middle-earth based on his books. Additionally it adds several fitting mods to accompany you on your journey.

Curator Notes: Fantasy themed modpacks aren't something you commonly see, so when we noticed LoTRCircles and how it packaged content around the extensive Lord of the Rings mod for Minecraft, we were excited.

  • Modpack Type: Exploration
  • Minecraft Version: 1.7.10
  • Notable Mods: The Lord of the Rings Mod, Ars Magica 2, Tinkers Construct, AppleMilkTea

Want to play one of these amazing modpacks?

You will need to install the Technic Launcher if you don't already have it! Once downloaded you can simply search for the above modpacks in the launcher and click install! It's that easy!

The Curators


Curators helped put together this list after extensively scouring through many modpacks. Without their help Technic Scraps wouldn't be possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Technic Scraps is a new effort to highlight modpacks that may otherwise be looked over due to the rapid nature of the modpack list. There are so many high quality modpacks created by users that deserve to be recognized and that's what Scraps is aiming to accomplish.

Some of you may be wondering where the new official Technic modpacks are and why there hasn't been any in awhile. While there are still two new modpacks coming down the pipeline through Technic, from that point on the plan is to cease creation of "Official" modpacks. It turns out that the community is just way better at making modpacks than we are now. And you know what? That's awesome! Scraps wants to bring these amazing packs into the spotlight, similar to the fashion in which we treat our own official modpacks.

It won't be easy to earn a spot in a Scraps volume. Although suggestions are welcome in our Discord, we are searching through such a large amount of packs that is difficult to get everyone we want included. There is a very strict criteria for what qualifies as a pack worth featuring, along with the fact that it must win over the votes of the majority of the curators.

The curators will look at every aspect of a modpack. From load speeds to keybinds to overall gameplay. Everything is scrutinized and discussed. If you want your pack to be included in the next Scraps volume, you will need to go above and beyond with your modpack. Separate it from the rest!

There is no set release schedule for volumes. They are put together over many hours and lots of searching. The next volume may be out in a month or maybe even longer. It all depends on how many quality packs the Curators find. So start making some amazing modpacks!

If you are interested in helping curate the next Technic Scraps volume, you will need to be a very active member of the community in our Discord. If you are active enough, helpful and knowledgeable you may be considered at some point for the position. Users asking for the position will not be offered it.