Install Mianite Reborn (OLD)

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Mianite Reborn (OLD)) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Mianite Reborn (OLD) from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Mianite Reborn (OLD) Version 1.0.2-hotfix2

created by endermedia on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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i downloaded the mod but for some reason it wont open I'm using java 1.8 and enough GB but it still wont open
skyrim2002 5 years ago
you are more likely to get the correct help on our forum page
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
When I went to register to become a member, it said that the connection wasn't secure enough for me to visit the site, due to something on your end, according to Firefox. (Chrome also wouldn't let me.)
Losing_Thyme 5 years ago
you are more likely to get the correct help on our forum page
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
can u guys expand the end of the map
smraetz 5 years ago
I have two mod suggestions. The first is a must. 1. You need to add Armourer's Workshop. (Spelled just like that.) It adds all kinds of skin customization and allows you to retexture items and add blocks and all kinds of wonderful things you simply can't do without it. And 2. This is more of a personal thing, but I would love it if y'all added Ancient Warfare 2. I love all of the mechanics to it, such as the doors and the NPCs, and they're planning on adding other medieval weaponry and such and I think it just hits the spot for roleplay. If you don't add Ancient Warfare 2 I'd be dissapointed, but oh well. However, I do urge you to add Armourer's Workshop. It's the best mod for customization and you can save things you built in singleplayer and then port them over to multiplayer so there's no grind for skins, either! XOXO -Me.
FiddleRiddleDiD 5 years ago
I found a tainted area but the grass re-texture messes it up. Is there any way to get rid of the grass re-texture
Craftcyborg 5 years ago
Im having a problem where the game crashes right when i open it and i didn't have the problem before also why did you take out the twilight forrest mod?
Fawxey 5 years ago
Add witchery?
TheGriddler 5 years ago
Witchery was removed from the pack because it just didn't seem to fit the experience
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
Weird question for the community... are there any player run Mianite Reborn servers out in the wild? I've looked but can't seem to find any list or even references for them...
robotcarnival 5 years ago
how do i become a member
Wild_slash 5 years ago
Could you guys tell me which mod has the mini map on it I'm trying to figure it out lol
bud02 5 years ago
Voxel Map
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
hey all so love the modpack but i have a question not sure if i did it by accident but the box the will pop up with block info when you look at a block seems to have disappeared anyone have a clue how i get it back
P4P45MURF87 5 years ago
Press Num 0. Go into Waila options, set Show/Hide waila to Visible. this should fix the problem.
Posted by Noshidin 5 years ago
Hello. Every time I attempt entering the game, I'm in for a split second then get disconnected. I have not had these problems earlier, and it's not my connection, since I've tried at different locations on different wifi's. Does anyone have any tips on what I should do? It's only recently I've had these problems.
Femma 5 years ago
I would take this to the forums, Best chance of getting help there :
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
i got jailed and no one even told me what i did wrong, i used to play this pack daily, if you dont tell me what i did wrong ill be sad cause i just wanted to play
DarkLinkz 5 years ago
This is not the forums.
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
so? i need to tell everyone who plans on playing this, rude, just wanted to play on the server
Posted by DarkLinkz 5 years ago
You were put in jail A to pull you out of a chunk and B because the chunk you were in had something spawning 5k mobs at a time. You are in there to be questioned and will remain in there untill you are.
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
Hey, all of a sudden my screen went like white-ish (i really wish i could post a picture) and i have no idea how it got like this. oh well... i suspect the mod that makes the sky realistic, but i dont know what it is called. Can any1 plz help me?
PostDenmark 5 years ago
This is not the forums.
Posted by mattyc317 5 years ago
why cant i talk
andy5465 5 years ago
Would like to remind people that this is not our forums page. If you are having an issue, Please post to instead of here.
mattyc317 6 years ago
I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this pack. Blocks and items go missing, staff don't respond to your questions, and the "no refund policy" is ridiculous. If you lose your items because the server not only crashed but rollbacked hours too OH WELL. You can be greeted by malicious players as well as non-caring staff. I DEFINITELY would not try this server.
Cheetahgurl99 6 years ago
Hi there :) Like my staff tried to explain to you before you rage quit. We are not responsible for the server crashing. You agreed to this rule when signing up for a membership. Before ranting, Please remember to check the rules that you agreed to.
Posted by mattyc317 6 years ago
wont even let me update the pack!?!
zach118118 6 years ago
the same happens now to me
Dragon4699 6 years ago
I'm having problems with the pack. I installed it, but I am stuck in limbo with "Loading Resource Packs" on it, which is at 85% it just stalls there...
MangoChocobo 6 years ago

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