Install Complex Gaming - Pixelmon

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Complex Gaming - Pixelmon) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Complex Gaming - Pixelmon from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Complex Gaming - Pixelmon Version Pixelmon 7.2.2

created by FrankCG on Minecraft Version 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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when will the server be updated to 7.0.7?
Mr_Rexy 8 months ago
Hi, everyone. I have tried multiple times to install this modpack, but every time I do, it fails. It says, with an error message, that it "Failed to download" Could I have some directions on what to do to fix this? Google wasn't very helpful...
Ender-Tech 8 months ago
I tried again, and the download worked! I assume the new update fixed it.
Posted by Ender-Tech 8 months ago
Hello, I noticed when I launch Complex Pixelmon through the technic launcher I have 1GB of RAM allocated. I looked at the tutorial to adjust the settings so that I can allocate more of the RAM, yet it says I can only use 1GB or less. I have 32GBs of RAM (16x2) and have been able to use more RAM on other mods for optifine and forge, but technic doesn't allow me too. Is there a work-around for this?
MrGhostXP 8 months ago
After some digging online and helpful insight, I have found the answer to my own question. I am running the game with Java-32bit, which bottlenecks my performance due to its limited graphical and computational capabilities. Therefore, all I needed to do was uninstall Java-32 and install Java-64bit instead. I hope if anyone runs into this issue find this helpful.
Posted by MrGhostXP 8 months ago
Can u help me? When I open inventory or if I press F5 it writes me: Shutting down internal servers and it crash :/ I dont know what to do... I tried reinstall it but nothing happends.
_STiNX_ 8 months ago
my game keeps on crashing does anyone know how to make it stop
DwarfSly 8 months ago
Assign 2gb ram to the game.
Posted by FrankCG 8 months ago | Modpack Creator
how do i download the pack i am new to technic and cant seem to figure it out. Any help would be nice.
Nickfluffy7 8 months ago
you need to download the pack through the technic launcher
Posted by BrianDied 7 months ago
when will the official servers be back from the reset?
ThePerfectDorito 9 months ago
and now it sais 'Unknown server: Please use the server domain to connect!' What should i do?
Posted by ThePerfectDorito 9 months ago
We are trying to resolve the issue. Please be patient with us, thank you. :D
Posted by FrankCG 9 months ago | Modpack Creator
When i downloaded the modpack i and i wan't in to the server it says you don't have the modpack installed correctaly. so i uninstalled it and reinstalled it the way it says and it still doesn't work.
Bahri_Er 9 months ago
Could you please add a Server to download?
Zercrafter21 9 months ago
+1 to this guy! Pleeeeease add a server download. I wanna play with just my friends!
Posted by Flogadog 9 months ago
When I try to install it, it says that a zipped file is missing. 7.0.6
Blaze_Wolf_YT 9 months ago
My download once at around 30% pretty much entirely slows down and the message on the left of the screen changes to like "broken API go to website"
ZackSparrow69 10 months ago
I was trying to install the new update, but the technic program said that it has trouble unzipping the pack and said that the previous version doesn't exist (7.0.6a)
DraGoachii 10 months ago
yeah I geddin that too
Posted by SadTapioca 10 months ago
Fixed, Try again when you can.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
Not fixed for me
Posted by Blaze_Wolf_YT 9 months ago
it is not letting me join the English server it says "Failed to Login Invalid Session" i have restarted everything multiple times but nothing is working
zaneabane 10 months ago
messed up while typing its the usa server
Posted by zaneabane 10 months ago
Log out of technic and log back into the launcher then try joining.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
This new update is really messing a lot of things up for me
howlingstar716 10 months ago
What has been messed up, maybe we can assist you?
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hi, I'm trying to install the modpack but it's coming up with 7.0.6 zip doesn't exist. Is there a way to fix it?
Waffleshanker 10 months ago
Please join our discord for support! Our suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall 64 bit java, and then to relaunch technic.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hi, I've been trying to do the recent update but I keep getting an error saying something along the lines of "Attempting to extract complex-pixelmon-reforged - 7.0.5 zip , but it did not exist, please speak to mod pack creator" is there a fix for this? I can't play unless it is updated.
DarkBanter 10 months ago
Please join our discord for support! Our suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall 64 bit java, and then to relaunch technic.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
Help! Error
Dracow 10 months ago
We are working on the modpack as we speak.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
Should be fixed.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
Ok, I love the idea of the pixelmon mod and from what I've seen of the mod via playthroughs, it looks great! however, my main problem is that pixelmon uses pokemon designs and I worry that it will get shut down by nintendo, which will make me loose all the progress I made on the game assuming I download it. I suggest that the creators of this mod try and make the mod have it's own original designs and (slightly more) original mechanics for creatures in this game so that nintendo and/or the pokemon company are unable to shut it down, does anyone like this idea?
morinator15 11 months ago
Everytime I try to load a server it crashes
MJaidy 11 months ago
Assign 2gb+ ram to your game, and make sure to have 64bit java.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
I have a problem every time I try to install this modpack it say's that an error has accured while attempting to read pack info for complex gaming pixelmon reforged then something about wrong http response can I get some help or is there any fix?
enderwolfmax 11 months ago
same issue have you had any help or responses for this yet?
Posted by tjbrant1 10 months ago
same for me
Posted by GOATCH 10 months ago
Should be fixed.
Posted by FrankCG 10 months ago | Modpack Creator

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Complex Gaming - Pixelmon was updated to version 7.2.2