Legend of Notch [WORKING]

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For those with older or slower machines, be sure to change the following options BEFORE LAUNCHING THE MAP to help prevent the Low Memory error while the game loads.

Video Settings:
Graphics: Fast
Render Distance: Normal or Near
Particles: Decreased
Clouds: Off
Change GUI scale to anything but Auto!!!

Basically, turn off everything you can to save memory. Once the game loads completely, you can change any settings back that you like.

IF GUARDS,MERCHANTS, OR ANY NPCS DO NOT SPAWN - Download a fresh copy of the map file HERE.

Installation for map file
- Unzip ToLN-WorldMap.zip
- Place into \AppData\Roaming\.technic\legend-of-notch-working\saves
- Restart your game.

It may take a couple of tries as it is a memory-intensive process to get all NPCs to load correctly.

Also, do not forget the "Problems with Mod" button under the Settings screen.


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