Minecraft Legend of Hoodie

This is a modpack I put together. I did not create these any of these mods, no have any influence in their development. I meerly rolled it up into a modpack for personal purposes, but feel free to use it. Paulsoaresjr used these specific mods in his series, "Legend of Hoodie".
This pack includes:

- Minecraft Forge
- Ars Magica by Mithion
- Mo' Creatures
- ExtrabiomesXL
- Bibliocraft
- CraftGuide
- Gui API
- Custom Spawner

If you want to play this pack w/ your friends, the server is located here:  Legend of Hoodie Server 
This modpack is just for personal use, so I haven't consulted w/ any mod authors, but feel free to use it.

BTW the reason the link says "legend-of-hoodie-test" is because it started off as a test that didn't even work.
A modpack played by Paulsoaresjr
  • Created By: bobjoro
  • Modpack Created: 2013-07-24
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago