Graphics Pack

This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.
This is a modpack I made it doesn't add any items but it makes the game alot better by adding GUI (Graphical User Interface) mods.

You can use the friends overlay mod to make a friends list in game and connect to Skype Twitter and Facebook while in game you can also join your friends if they are in a server on the friends list by signing up to their official site.

Link To Official Website: http://friendsoverlay.com/

------------------List of mods------------------
1: DamageIndicators
2: DynamicLights
3: FriendsOverlay
4: MorePlayerModels
5: Optifine
6: ShadersModCore
7: VersionChecker
8: UpdateChecker
1: Noppes Creator of MorePlayerModels
2: rich1051414 Creator of DamageIndicator
3: AtomicStryker Creator of DynamicLights and UpdateChecker
4: Michi302 Creator of FriendsOverlay
5: sp614x Creator of Optifine
6: karyonix Creator of ShadersModCore
7: Dynious Creator of VersionChecker
----------Update Progress = 90%-----------
1: DamageIndicators updated = yes
2: DynamicLights       updated = yes
3: FriendsOverlay      updated = no
4: MorePlayerModels updated = yes
5: Optifine                  updated = yes
6: ShadersModCore  updated = yes  
7: VersionChecker    updated = yes
8: UpdateChecker     updated = yes 
A modpack that is focused on GUI and improves graphics of minecraft using shader's.
  • Created By: AlexEaton
  • Modpack Created: 2013-06-01
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago