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TerraFirmaCraft is a hardcore take on Minecraft Survival. Knap stone tool heads from stone, forage for food and try to survive against the dangers of the night. Dirt and stone are affected by gravity. Goldpan and sluice for ore to forge your first bar of metal and work them into proper tools. 

TFC can be daunting at first but once you get into it it's deeply satisfying. 

Wiki: http://terrafirmacraft.com/wiki/Main_Page

Core mods

TerraFirmaCraft 0.78.17

Additional Mods:

TFC is a lot more resource intensive than other minecraft mods. If your game is crashing on startup try the following:

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date
Update Java
Increase the amount of ram the launcher uses (gear icon in the top right)



-Updated TFC to 0.78.17


Altered leaves color changing somewhat to better utilize temperature
Can no longer split plank blocks back into plank items by hand, must have a saw.
Can now convert thatch back into 4 straw.

Bug Fixes

Log piles should now properly be destroyed when empty.
Disabled wood construct optimizations due to some derps that were causing incorrect rendering. I'll make another pass at this another time when I feel like messing with it more.
Fixed errant display number for satisfaction. I forgot to multiply by 100. Everything was working properly but you were seeing display numbers such as 0.3% instead of 30%
Fixed javelin ghost items from placing on tool rack.
Fixed short reach on firestarters
Fixed Ore sometimes having transparent background.
Fixed achievement triggers for bronze and iron age.
Added missing checks for ToolRack2.blockID. Fixes buggy acacia racks.
Plucking chickens deals 5 damage instead of 25.
Chickens should now properly eat, allowing them to regen health.
Removed ability to put milk buckets in food prep.
Cleaned up some horse breeding slightly and horses should now properly spawn with full health.
Female horses should no longer cling to their man after giving birth and will once again give him some space.
Fixed bloomery validation again.
Fixed forge validation
Fixed unsynced ceramic mold breaking. Had to fake returning the mold to the players inventory by dropping an item at the player's feet that is immediately picked up. This results in a pickup sound being played and is unavoidable for now.

I take no credit for the content in this pack. All credit goes to their respective creators.

TerraFirmaCraft - Bioxx
Forge - LexManos
MapWriter - mapwriter

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