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TerraFirmaCraft is a hardcore take on Minecraft Survival. Knap stone tool heads from stone, forage for food and try to survive against the dangers of the night. Dirt and stone are affected by gravity. Goldpan and sluice for ore to forge your first bar of metal and work them into proper tools. 

TFC can be daunting at first but once you get into it it's deeply satisfying. 

Wiki: http://terrafirmacraft.com/wiki/Main_Page

Core mods


Additional Mods:

TFC is a lot more resource intensive than other minecraft mods. If your game is crashing on startup try the following:

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date
Update Java
Increase the amount of ram the launcher uses (gear icon in the top right)



-Updated TFC to


Rewrote powder kegs. Explosions hitting raw stone now have a chance to create cobblestone instead of dropping loose rocks.
Mobs can no longer spawn inside of thatch blocks.
Made bell peppers a more tropical crop, less resistant to the cold. Should make them less common in the wild in colder climates.
Minor fish tweaks.
Moon phases are now based on the year length.
Added many TFC items to the forge fuel handler so that they can burn in other mods' devices.
Adjusted chiseling rules so that you can not chisel any raw stone block that has raw stone, or an ore block, within the 2 blocks directly above it.

Bug Fixes

Fixed melee skeletons.
Fixed a few more cases of unknown dirt.
Fixed temperature discontinuity at certain heights.
Fixed fruit trees spawning in rainfall values higher than 500, instead of at least 500.
Fixed armor stands despawning.
Fixed crashes from placing incorrect blocks underneath grills.
Fixed propick messages not being translated in SMP.
Fixed gravel dropping flint with metadata.
Fixed familiarity indicator not working for all animals.

I take no credit for the content in this pack. All credit goes to their respective creators.

TerraFirmaCraft - Bioxx
Forge - LexManos
MapWriter - mapwriter
Fastcraft - Player

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