SESIGames.com DayZ w/OptiFine
by tonnic - Minecraft: 1.6.4

Platform URL


Technic Platform Pages:

Server IP:
  • minecraft.SESIGames.com

Website Address:
  • http://sesigames.com/game-servers/minecraft
  • There is a quick intro on the game there and what we have done.  We have put in cities and airstrips, loot chests, etc!

  • No rude, crude or racist statements / language. Be respectful of other players,
  • No hacking / cheating.  Ban-able offence.
  • We encourage everyone playing on our servers, but if you are here to try and populate your own server, you aren't welcome.

  • This is a 24/7 server.  It is online all the time and updated frequently to enhance gameplay!
  • This server is located on a dedicated machine in Seattle, WA on a Gigabit connection.
  • Follow us on twitter @SESIGames

We have created a modpack that is full of mods and plugins to enhance the DayZ experience.  The server is a beast of a server running RAMDisk and a rediculous amount of RAM (42GB) and 6 cores for Java cleanup and other functions on the backend.SESIGames.com promotes a community based gaming environment.  We play many games, so come and check us out.   We also are doing free game giveaways every month!More details at http://sesigames.com/game-servers/minecraft

Please see details at http://sesigames.com/

Please see details at http://sesigames.com/

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Created: 01-17-2014

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