M3:TP - Server, 32x Textures
by Doc22 - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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This modpack has been completely revamped, removing many crash-causing mods, and any mods I feel unneccesary. Many people have been unable to use my modpack, and I hope that this update will fix it for them!

The texture pack is included with the modpack, you just have to select it from the menu... It is based off Vattic's Faithful 32x Texture Pack. I made many of the mod textures myself, and I hope it is worth the many hours I put into it! I believe this is one of the (very) few custom modpacks with a custom texture pack, and a server.

If you want a server download, message me on the forums.


*Applied Energistics
*Armor HUD by bspkrs
*Industrial Craft 2
**Advanced Machines
**Advanced Power Management
**Compact Solar Panels
**Buildcraft Additional Pipes
**Immibus Peripherals
**Extra Bees
**Extra Trees
**Magic Bees
*Head Drops Mod
*Inventory Tweaks
*Iron Chest
*Mine Factory Reloaded
*Not Enough Items
**NEI Plugins
*Nether Ores
*Power Converters
*Thaumcraft 4
**Thaumcraft Extras
**Thaumic Tinkerer
*Thermal Expansion
*Zans Minimap

---------------Version 3.7---------------------
*Added OpenBlocks

---------------Version 3.6---------------------
*Fixed a few textures

----------------Version 3.4,3.5----------------
*Went through list of mods, updated as many as possible.
*Added veinminer

-----------------Version 3.3--------------------
*Thaumcraft Updated To 4.1.0e

-----------------Version 3.2--------------------
*Fixed server list download

------------------Version 3.1--------------------
*Added Thaumic Tinkerer
*Added ThaumCraft Extras
*Thaumcraft Texture Updates ;)

-------------------Version 3.0--------------------
*Config Changes

-------------------Version 2.9---------------------
*Added IC2Suff addon for IC2
*MFR Updated

--------------------Version 2.8--------------------
*Strange ID Error should be fixed

--------------------Version 2.7--------------------
*All Mods Updated To Latest 1.6.4 Version

--------------------Version 2.6---------------------
*Added Custom Texture Pack

--------------------Version 2.3.3-------------------
*Added NEI Plugins

--------------------Versions 2.1 to 2.3.2----------
*Lots of tiny bug fixes
*No more treecap spam!
*Only one type of each ore from now.

---------------------Version 2.0----------------------
*Updated to 1.6.4! Wooooo!
*Added TE (you have been missed)
*Removed binnie mods due to no 1.6.4 version :(

----------------------Version 1.6----------------------
*Fix for Advanced Machines by AtomicStryker

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