Eternity Guilds - D.E.T.S II
by RONNOC777 - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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CAUTION: This update will change your game ALOT please backup your world before updating!

We would really like to have some feedback about this modpack and what mods are bad and what mods we should get. It would be great if you could fill out this form! Thanks!

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Are you bored out of your mind playing modpacks that just seem to lose their "Magic" after one day? If so then you have chosen the perfect modpack! This modpack takes you on an adventure of RPG. With so many mods and features it's hard not to have fun! You can even start your adventure with a friend! With lots of amazing wepons, structures, items, magic and LOADS MORE!

Your adventure begins here! In this modpack you'll be able to find new structures, craft legedary weapons, start a family, go explore a new dimension, survive the night from creepy enchanted monsters and become the legend you were born to be! Where will your story begin? In a great castle, a creepy ghost town or even a small shack! This is your legend and you get to write it! So download this modpack and dive into your epic adventure now!  

New trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tueLutFcJBE

Install Notes:

This pack requires 2gb or more to work properly. Change it in your launcher by clicking the Gear in the top right corner of the Technic Launcher. Then selecting the drop down to add more RAM. If you can only choose 1gb then you must have Java 32 bit installed. If your computer is 64 bit and it has Java 32 bit I would recommended getting 64 bit Java. If your computers 32 bit DO NOT get Java 64 bit.

Recommended build means the least buggiest so I would use Recommended if I was you. Unless you want to expieriment with Latest/Dev builds!

Click the button that says "Rate this +1" in the top right corner to show your appreciation for the modpack and show thanks to the creators!

Also don't forget to check out our official websites!  

If you want to keep up with news find dev builds or even contact us. Go to our official website! 

If you need to contact me email me at: [email protected] 

If you have a bug or a problem look in the Known Bugs section before notifing us! 


New server download availible. This server download may be buggy. If you have any problems or bugs follow the same steps as usal. The server download also comes with Essentials and BanItem plugins, as a starter.

Latest fixes the mod mismatches from last server update.

Latest :: Download - EG-DETSII-Server-2.1.14-A2

Creator: RONNOC777 

Server Owner : Sora 

Modpack Helper / Quest Creator : DJ Aldrich

Modpack Helper / Quest Creator : WhyFi

Modpack Helper / Head Spokesman : CAinhorn

Modpack Helper / Mod Tester : CyanideX11

Modpack Helper / Artist : Awsumboy135

Server Staff : Smartgirl 

Official Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tueLutFcJBE">[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tueLutFcJBE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tueLutFcJBE


- YourAmbi :: Click here to watch!


Coming soon!

Major Bugs you should avoid running into them! These will corrupt/crash your game and worlds! 

Major Bugs:

   -  Tropicraft Waters - When placing normal water in tropicraft waters!
   -  Morphing - When morphing into an Alligator!

Thank you for playing this modpack it's greatly appreciated! Any comments or suggestions/improvments we would love to hear them! Happy Adventuring - The Eternity Guild (aka DETS Team)!

% Eternity Guilds - DETS II %

# ---------------------------------------- #

# ------ # B1.1 # ------ #

!! RONNOC777 passes ownership of Don't Eat the Stone to Fightingsora !!***

+ Added Back Tools - (Strut around with your tools on your back!)

+ Added Animation API - (Required for Ars Magica 2)

+ Added More Enchantments - (Adds quite a few new mods to the game)

+ Added Carpenters Blocks - (New block shapes for decoration!)

+ Added iChunUtils - (Required for Back Tools)

+ Added Ars Magica 2* - (Updated; New Blocks, items, bosses, and in-game mechanics)

+ Attempted to Add Aether 2 - (Currently not in modpack)

* Tentative - Aether 2 (Issues regarding Aether 2 being installed)

*** Regarding ownership of the Don't Eat the Stone modpack; Fightingsora is in no way stating he owns ANY the mods in this modpack.
All mods being used in this modpack belong to their respective owner(s) and a link to their mod page can be found on the mod section of the DETS technic page.

# ---------------------------------------- #

# ------ # B1.0 # ------ #

- Removed Minions (Caused minor bugs)

- Removed Souls Shards (Issues with spawners)

- Removed Wild Caves - (Didn't work correctly)

- Removed Mo'Creatures - (Was causing constant crashes)

- Removed Dyeable Beds - (Wasn't used)

- Removed Fossils and Archeology - (Could potentially corrupt your world permanently)

- Removed World of Dinos - (Could potentially corrupt your world permanently)

- Removed The Camping Mod - (Crashed during many daily things during gameplay)

- Removed Steve's Carts - (Didn't fit modpack theme)

- Removed Better Dungeons (Was causing constant crashes)

- Removed Buildcraf - (Didn't fit modpack theme)

+ Added Artifacts - (Powerful artifacts scattered around the world)

+ Added Zelda Sword Skills - (Adds tons of Zelda themed items)

+ Added Antique Atlas - (Works with Zelda Sword Skills, basically a better map)

+ Added Battle Towers - (Adds to the RPG adventure)

+ Added Blood Magic - (Additional Magic mod for more chaos!)

+ Added Doomlike Dungeons - (Better Dungeons world generation replacement)

+ Added Hunting Traps - (Place deadly traps to capture mobs, animals, or players!)

+ Added Utility Mobs - (Create mystical mobs to defend your home)

+ Added Kingdoms of the Overworld - (Adds tons of new world generation structures and a few items)

+ Added Roguelike Dungeons - (2nd Better Dungeons world generation replacement)

+ Added RPG Inventory - (Adds RPG item classes!)

+ Added Thaumic Extras - (Thaumcraft add-on)

+ Added Ancient Warefare - (Build a armies, castles, and seige weaponry)

+ Attempted to Add Aether 2 - (Currently not in modpack)

* Tentative - Aether 2 (Issues regarding Aether 2 being installed)

# ---------------------------------------- #

# ------ # 2.1.12A # ------ #

+ Added Ruins Mod

# ---------------------------------------- #

# ------- # 2.1.1B # ------- #

# Set all settings to low and chunk
settings to fast to decrease lag.

# Fixed features of Better Grass to
be less laggy and look better.

+ LAN, Multiplayer Support
(Server coming soon)

# Fixed Battlegear config settings

# ---------------------------------------- #

# ------- # 2.1.1A # ------- #

+ Fossils and Archeology
+ World of Dinos

# ---------------------------------------- #

# -- # Recommended :: 2.1.0 # -- #

@ Modpack released @

# ---------------------------------------- #

This mod adds tons of Zelda themed items, as well as dungeons and bosses!

Cut down a tree with an axe and it destroys the whole tree!

Adds an Extended Workbench to make better stuff.

A mod that runs other bspkrs mods. TEST TEST. This is a TEST Sora!

Teleport home with wings found in dungeons!

Adds Health bars to mobs and gives the game an RPG feel!

Adds in Dual Wielding and cool new weapons and shields!

Adds armor GUI to show your current armor durability and more!

A mod to make other mods from AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN work!

Adds wearable backpacks into the game!

A mod that adds in book type blocks and some furniture into the game!

A mod that adds Buff Bars GUI into the game!

A mod that adds various world generation types which are amazing!

Adds in HEAPS of cool new decoration blocks!

Core for all chicken_bones mods!

Adds in custom Heraldic flags and scrolls!

Adds in custom NPC's which you can edit in lots of different ways!

Adds in Pet Dragons which you can fly!

Adds more lighting effects in the game!

Makes you be able to see what your enchantments are before you get them!

Adds some Tweaks for the plugin Extended Workbench!

Adds in HEAPS of cool new biomes to explore!

Adds in new Bosses you can find in temples. Great items you can get if you kill them!

Fixes ID conflicts in the modpack!

Adds in mobs that have enchantments on them selves. Beware there hard to kill, but if you manage you get amazing rewards!

Adds new features and changes the way inventory works!

Adds in Utility's for Metallurgy etc.

Adds in better NPC's which you can become friends with, start a family, and MORE.

Adds in HEAPS of new armor tools and weapons. Also adds in HEAPS of Ores to mine and explore!

Adds in awesome cool swords into the game!

Makes the inventory better!

Is the core mod to make other project zulu mods work!

Adds in cool new mobs!

Adds in blocks to make your rooms more secret and hard to find!

Adds in cool new animated boats with heaps of features!

Adds a cool new way to crafting and making tools. Adds in so many more cool features to crafting!

Adds AWESOME new magic and sorcery into the game!

Used to be Elemental Tinkering and is now a Thaumcraft addon! It connects Tinkers Construct to Thaumcraft will cool new features!

Adds in heaps of cool new weapons!

Adds a cool minimap in the corner of the screen!

Twilight forest adds in a cool dark dimension to explore!

This mod adds the item Antique Atlas. It's like a fancy antique-looking map, which saves all visited locations so you can browse them

Find unique artifacts around the world with powerful abilities!

Explore the world to find large towers with rewarding loot, and a powerful boss at the top!

A new magic addition to minecraft, with a darker side!

A reference from the game, Doom, this mod adds new dungeons into Minecraft!

Shows a small description of info about your world.

This mod adds traps for hunting into the game that can be used to capture any mob!

Lava Monsters now lurk deep in the underground caverns!

This mod adds numerous mobs to Minecraft to help you with your daily needs, or even defend your home!

In this mod there are lots of fun and crazy things. From bouncy toys to scary zombies, everything and anything added will be super fun!

This mod is inspired by super-hostile maps and roguelike dungeon crawlers.

RPG Inventory adds new equipment slots, sets of armor, and tons more!

A Thaumcraft mod addition!

Includes the base mod files!

Ancient Warfare adds tons of medieval weaponry and siege weapons for some hectic wars!

Adds in the configs that are needed to play/edit the modpack!

Add's some different looking cosmetic blocks to the game!

Required for the updated Ars Magica 2!

Weapons and Tools can appear on your back now!

Required for Backtools!

Adds a cool new kind of Magic into the game!

Adds cool new magic and witchery into the game!

Lets you be able to create and fly/sail your own ships!

Cool new world generation and other features!

Adds more Enchantments to the game!

Update in progress...


These mods were brang together by me BUT they are certainly NOT my own mods! They are copyright to there owners.

The WandMakers mod is made by me I am the rightful Author of that mod. You cannot use it in another pack or use it in Vanilla. That mod stays in this modpack and is therefor copyright to RONNOC777.

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