Divine rpg enhanced
by alphaace123 - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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Important news

Server files for version 3.3 is out now. Please go and download it in the server download section.

1. Divine rpg
2. Tale of Kingdoms 2 
3. Jerry's mod
4. Battle Towers 
5. Twilight Forest
6. Legendary Beasts 
7. Thaumcraft
8. Mystcraft
9. Soulshards
10. Backpack mod
11. More Health Mod
12. Better furnace
13. Equivalent Exchange 3
14. Familiars 
15. Rei's Mini Map
16. Portal Gates
17. Damage Indicators 
18. Easy Crafting
19. Gammabright
20. Inventory Tweaks
21. Iron Chests
22. Player API
23. Minecraft Forge Universal
24. More Bows
25. Optifine
26. Ruins mod
27. Dungeons Pack
28. Millienaire
29. Mystic Mods
30. Clay soldiers
31. Stalker Creeper
32. More swords
33. Bspkrs Core
34. Armor Status Hud
35. Gui api
36. SAP Manager Pack
37. Jammy Furniture
38. Legend Gear
39. Pet Bats
40. Infernal Mobs
41. Enchanting Plus
42.Custom Lan Ports

My Other Cool Mod Packs:

Asgard Adventures(Nova) 

Server files

The server files for version 3.3 are out. Grab it now and have fun with your friends. :)

Download Link


1.Cannot see other players over lan (if you figure out why this is happening, please tell me. It will help me a lot. Thank you.)


As I said in the discussion, I am only 13 years old and I do not have the money to set up a 24/7 server for this mod pack. I really hope that some of you can be kind enough to make a server so that everyone can enjoy this mod pack to its fullest.

My Plans

I might add these mods into the mod pack.
1. Ars Magica
2. Mo' Creatures
3. Extended Workbench
4. Battle Gear

Modded Survival Let's Play Series

It will be totally awesome if one of you all made a let's play series of this mod pack!! I definitely hope that you think this mod pack is good enough for you to create a survival series. Please also tell me that you are making it and leave a link in the discussion to your channel. Thanks.

Small Requests

Please +1 to my mod pack so more people will know about it.

Do also leave a comment in the discussion about what other mods can I put into this mod pack.

If you think that this mod pack is good, please help to inform other people about this mod pack so that can enjoy it too!

Version 3.3: 1.Removed tropicraft, kenshiro mod and multimine
2.Added Custom Lan Ports and Enchanting Plus

Version 3.2: Fixed twilght forest dimension

Version 3.1: Updated More health mod

Version 3.0: Removed rpg inventory because it will remove all your items when you exit the end.

Version 2.9: 1.Removed smart moving
2. Added Infernal Mobs

Version 2.8: Fixed Dungeon Pack mod

Version 2.7: 1. Fixed Mystcraft
2. Reinstalled better furnace mod
3. Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.6: 1. Removed Skyrim mod, it is causing divine rpg biomes to generate in the overworld.
2. Added RPG inventory addons

Version 2.5: Removed ID resolver and added Jammy Furniture mod and legend gear mod

Version 2.4:
1. Removed Mutant Creatures and Witches and More
2. Updated RPG Inventory
3. Added multimine, stalker creeper, tropicraft, id resolver, legend gear, kenshiro, pet bats, core AI, Weather mod for tropicraft,

Version 2.3: Added Clay soldiers, Mutant Creatures, Witches and more, More swords, bspkrs core, armor status hud, smart moving, skyrim mod, gui api and SAP manager pack

Version 2.2: Added Ruins mod, Dungeons Pack, millenaire mod and mystic mods

Version 2.1: Changed Tale of Kingdoms to Tale of Kingdoms 2

Version 2.0: Added Soulshards mod, Backpack mod, more health mod, better furnace mod and Equivalent Exchange 3

Version 1.9: Fixed a few bugs and added Mystcraft

Version 1.8: Removed Mystcraft because there was a bug with world generation

Version 1.7: Added Familiars Mod

Version 1.6: Added Thaumcraft and Mystcraft

Version 1.5: Added Portal Gates Mod

Version 1.4: Added Legendary Beasts Mod

Version 1.3: Added Battle Towers Mod

Version 1.2: Added RPG Inventory Mod

Version 1.1: Added Twilight Forest Mod

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