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Technic Platform V2 and Technic Launcher V3 KakerMix KakerMix / Posted 20 days ago


Big Dig Has Been Removed From the Platform cannibalvox cannibalvox / Posted 1 year ago

Hello, this is your friendly reminder that Big Dig is transitioning to become an official Technic modpack.  Today, we moved along that transition by removing Big Dig from the searchable list of Platform modpacks.  Your new landing page for all things Big Dig can now be found at the following link:

For those of you who are still playing the platform version of Big Dig, I hope this will be the kick in the pants you need to transition over to the official version immediately.  All that you need to do to make that happen is copy your saves and servers.dat from your .technic\big-dig-pack folder to your .technic\bigdig folder.  A link to the Big Dig official server can be found on the official page linked above.

Platform Down Time And You: It's Your Fault (probably) KakerMix KakerMix / Posted 1 year ago


Platform is a massive smash hit success WAY beyond what we initially anticipated. This is why when the weekend rolls around it collapses under the weight of everyone and their mom getting a sweet piece of this Platform action. Thanks to everyone for exploring the potential of Minecraft and making the entire modding community a better place, even if there are literally millions of you that always seem to want to show your appreciation at the same time on Saturday. 

To that end we have some dramatic changes about how Platform, Solder and the Forums operate. We hope this up-down-wait-its-up-welp-down-again will be crushed soon. Thank you for bearing with us.

Big Dig Updated to 1.2.2 cannibalvox cannibalvox / Posted 1 year ago


A new minor version for Big Dig has been released and promoted to recommended- this latest version has the following changes:
 - Liquid Metals has been updated to version 0.1.18.
 - Applied Energistics has been updated to version 9.i.
 - With the help of fred4106, I've implemented a workaround that should cause Liquid Metals to interact properly with all supported metals.
The new server version can be downloaded here: 
This should be the final Big Dig update before we move over to 1.5.1.

Updates on Platform/Launcher Optimizations sct sct / Posted 1 year ago

You may have noticed slowdowns in some of our systems in the past couple days. This becomes especially apparent during the weekends when there is the higest number of people visiting the Platform and using the launcher. Due to the absolute incredible response the Platform has recieved we are getting way more traffic than we ever anticipated. This post is just to let you know we are working day in and day out to resolve any issues you may experience while using the site.

Since the platforms launch there have been over 200,00custom modpack installs and over 600,000 custom modpack runs. That's insane! On top of that there is already over 50,000 users registered on the Platform and well over 20,000 custom modpacks. The amount of stress our servers are experiecing because of all of this is pretty intense. We are constantly optimizing and adjusting our code to make it as effecient as possible.

So, bear with us please! We are doing everything we can to make the site and launcher quick and snappy as it should be. Thanks!