Space Aged

An archaic form of space travel. It doesn't seem safe.

Ancient Idols

The ruins of ancient grandeur are scattered about, hinting at greatness to come.

Explosive History

Entire civilizations destroyed by greed, is this the type of world we are destined to live in? Things must change.

An Intrepid Adventurer

The treasure hunter ventures deeper into the jungle, in search of an ancient artifact.

What is this?

Who would make such a thing? This is madness.

A Lost Power

At last, the ultimate power can be wielded by the treasure hunter, and the ancient grandeur restored.

Stone Guardians

Who hunts the treasure hunter? They guard the ancient power, to keep it from our world.

A Close Call

The treasure hunter drops his beloved hat in his escape. He leaves it behind.

The New Age of Tech

With the philosopher's stone, anything is possible! A new Golden Age begins!