Please update the current versions of thaumcraft and thaumic tinkerer please. Sorry for asking but The main thing in thaumic tinkerer is to get ichorcloth and such, and you don't have that..
Posted by Draken901 on mjra007's profile 5 years ago


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What i'm trying to say is, ichorcloth and ichorium weapons in thaumic tinkerer are a huge part of the addon, and would almost make it worthless if you didn't have those things. Please update it to a later version., sorry if i'm bugging you.
Posted by Draken901 5 years ago
I really thought we were using the last version of thaumcraft sorry.I am uploading a new version with thaumcraft 1.4.1g and thaumcraft tinkerer 2.3. Sorry the way that the mod author makes the versioning is really weird to me he just adds letters after the nnumbers didnt noticed that and every time i checked the mod´s page I thoght we were using the last version (i need glasses)
Posted by mjra007 5 years ago