Hi do you know a Great File host to host my modpacks Dropbox have a bandwidth limit works for while but if load in to much bandwidth it close's out the page for direct download for a bit i have tried almost everything do you know any suggestion ?
Posted by runescapejon on CanVox's profile 6 years ago


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No, I don't know a place that provides unlimited free bandwidth. If you find them, let me know, we could also use unlimited free bandwidth.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
well i was going to pay if anything tho i can pay with paypal but if i find anything I'll let you know
Posted by runescapejon 6 years ago
If you're okay with paying there are a lot of free php hosts. I think I was LithiumHost was what I used when I ran big dig.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
Er, I meant CHEAP php hosts.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago