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finnbo liked the modpack Industrialize Modpack 2 years ago
Hey finn I saw on your Explosive-Tek that you were about to open a server and wanted to warn you about the Project-E + Mek dupes. There are a lot so I cannot list them here but good luck fixing those and I hope this helped.
gpssoccer on finnbo's profile 3 years ago
finnbo liked the modpack Kinetic 3 years ago
finnbo, i have tow mod requests for your explosive tek+more. 1. CustomNPC, add the ability to create your very own friends, armies and people. 2. MCheli, add more cool air vehicles and stuff.
magen137 on finnbo's profile 4 years ago
My Mistake The 1.1.5 Server Package Should Be Fine
finnbo 4 years ago
Releasing New Pack - ExplosiveTek + More
finnbo 4 years ago
finnbo liked the modpack EZ Pixelmon 4 years ago