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Sorry for the delay peeps I will be issuing a mudpack update over the next few days or so but for now there is no server so single or Lan play only
DrakeBD 3 years ago
Hey Drake! Your mod pack looks awesome! but for me atleast, the pack wont load. It try's but only gets to part of the load screen then breaks, then reverts to the technic launcher. is the whole thing broken or am i doing somthing wrong?
ChrisPerch on DrakeBD's profile 3 years ago
Hello Drake I was just wondering weather it would be possible for you to do a mod-pack update (DeltraCraft Ultra) and add in the following mods that I think it really needs -Tinkers Construct -Extra Utilities -iguana tweaks For Tinkers Construct
TheNadazza on DrakeBD's profile 3 years ago
hi could you please make the recipe for pure button on the server. without the kan build a dhd
dennis8787 on DrakeBD's profile 3 years ago
hi drake
karatemonkeyboy on DrakeBD's profile 4 years ago
DrakeBD liked the modpack DeltaCraft Ultra 4 years ago