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bendy mod, we happy few
all nintendo 64 mobs like kirby, bomberman, mario, yoshi ect
maybe Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Undertale and Deltarune in minecraft too :3
and diablo
harry potter and starcraft is good too
a better Zelda mod with mobs of like all the games
outlast and silent hill, spookys jumpscare mansion
little nightmares
maybe even Trevor Hendersons creatures like Siren Head, cartoon cat, Bridge Worm, ect :3
ik these mods would take alot of work but its all about having fun :3 these are just ideas afterall maybe see mobs from The Evil Within and all the Resident Evil Games
maybe a good Transformers mod with like all the versions of the characters like Transformers Prime
i was thinking there should also be a Creepypasta mod with the mobs that look like Slenderman, Jeff The Killer, Toby, Laughing Jack ect it would be really interesting to see how they look :3
if you get my drift i mean exactly how they look in the real games or close to it :3
not them looking like player skins as mobs, i want them o look actually scary like an animatronic suit
i think there should be a better FNAF mod with all the characters that are animatronics plus the good inspired games, like Five Nights At Candy's, ect :3
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