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CreeperShift liked the modpack Nuclear Fallout Beta 8 years ago
CreeperShift liked the modpack Tranquility - CreepGaming 8 years ago
Download fixed in 0.7.2a
Just updated the Questbook to give new players some help when starting out. The Questbook will be updated later to include more mid-late game help.
Hey, Creeper. I am a HUGE fan of Fallout, but I cant use your ModPack because of 1.5 GB Ram. I'm guesing there's a mistake, I'm running More than 1.5 GB But it wont launch. I have the right Java update etc. Could you please somehow edit the permissions?
Valkryion_Maks on CreeperShift's profile 9 years ago
Hey, i've been unable to download the latest update, fails to pull mod since the newest update, and your website is down.
Zyphuer on CreeperShift's profile 9 years ago