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rodriguezrrp liked the modpack Explorium - Official Modpack 2 years ago
With the dawn of two new packs under development, I am very busy. I am sincerely trying to update both, and will try to read you people's suggestions or bug reports. My apologies if I don't address you immediately. Thanks again for your support!
rodriguezrrp liked the modpack MCMinersPack Lite 2 years ago
Hey peoples! MCMinersPack should be mostly stable again. (i.e. no fairly major mods added or removed). Thanks for (hopefully) bearing with me here! Keep enjoying!
Also, MCMinersPack will still likely be somewhat unstable in the near future. (i.e. you may expect some rather major updates. Just nothing massive again)
Huge update to MCMinersPack! I really am sorry for any inconveniences, but I think we can all agree: Magical Crops needs modded resource crops. As stated already, there is MCMinersPack Classic so you can keep playing your old worlds. Keep having fun!
Thanks to Fire-Oficial again. I appreciate those who bring me bug reports, because, as i like to say, I don't know about it unless you tell me about it!
Huge thanks to Fire-Oficial, MCMinersPack 1.6d1 should fix the problem caused by NEIlootbags mod in 1.6d. 1.6d1 should remove that mod. But first my dropbox links have to be fixed. Hang on, help is on the way!
rodriguezrrp liked the modpack FTB Sky Factory 2.5 UNOFFICIAL 2 years ago
Hey peoples. Sorry that my packs are temporarily down. I am trying to get them back up as soon as possible. Please be patient. My apologies for any inconveniences.
I believe that MCMinersPack will be stable for a while, i.e. no major updates adding mods that would affect worldgen and interfere with worlds you already had. For now there should just be the occasional update of mods already in the pack.
rodriguezrrp liked the modpack BareBonesPack 2 years ago