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Hi All, You can view recent changes to our 1.12.2 pack here: This page will not be regularly updated. Regards, Bysokar
Bysokar 3 years ago
Hi all, We're in the process of updating to 1.12 and releasing a MMORPG style server. Stay tuned!
Bysokar 4 years ago
Is there an change for the pack in next time? Cause i do not know what to do on the server after gettin stranded
Fireflasher on Bysokar's profile 5 years ago
wen came is pack for the vision 1.89?
AG001 on Bysokar's profile 8 years ago
Bysokar liked the modpack StargateMC 9 years ago
StargateMC v1.0.4 is up and running! Connect to to play! - Note that the MP server is functional but role-play content is very limited at present, with access to the SGC disabled temporarily.
Bysokar 9 years ago
StargateMC is back online as v0.1.3 alpha. Please be aware that the Alpha reset will occur on 2nd March, with Beta running for a week after that with a 'possible' second reset. Once the beta is finished we're live !
Bysokar 9 years ago
StargateMC client is incomplete at present, it should be working in the next 3-4 days with all mods and configuration required. Please report any issues via the community feed!
Bysokar 9 years ago