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i LOVE THE MODPACK! iv been having fun with it for a month now and now it wont let me get onto my world unless i make a backup of it, it says this happens because of a bug plz help me wht do i do
larzdragoncat on Citysane's profile 8 years ago
Citysane the mudpack seems good but maybe add some furniture and deco mods? such as decocraft and maybe even Doggy Style or Copious Dogs I think that would make it more fun -Julia
JGBearBear on Citysane's profile 9 years ago
Citysane liked the modpack Trinity Fusion 9 years ago
Hi, I rlly love the modpack but im having a glitch where the mo creatures wont attack eachother, is this fixable
lakee12 on Citysane's profile 9 years ago
whats the server ip?
Jed Davis on Citysane's profile 9 years ago