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If there are any major problems let me know!
KingAlyun 7 years ago
I think it was an amazing idea of making this modpack and it is excellent!
OmegaGaming11 on KingAlyun's profile 8 years ago
KingAlyun liked the modpack Breaking Badlands 8 years ago
this modpack cannot be opened! Its keeps crashing!
Reneya_crafts on KingAlyun's profile 8 years ago
New Update available that adds thirst, and more difficulty.
KingAlyun 8 years ago
Updating Mod-pack to have more Player vs. Player features and will release server files so you may run your own servers.
KingAlyun 9 years ago
Adding some cool mods to the game! I hope you enjoy the new update!
KingAlyun 9 years ago