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Hi luukd1! My name is LordIstvan, I have been playing on the server for a few days now. I have noticed that the doesn't have active staff. I would like to apply for staff if that is possible. I will submit an application if you need one.
LordIstvan on luukd1's profile 8 years ago
Hey I was wondering if I could apply to be a staff member on the 7 Days to Evolve sever I am applying as there hasnt been any staff on and im on a lot so please consider it and get back to me ASAP. Thanks
RussianRoyal on luukd1's profile 8 years ago
get industrialbox 2 back up!
Amybolty on luukd1's profile 8 years ago
there is something wrong with my dropbox:/ industrialbox 2 will be back online in a few minutes!
luukd1 8 years ago
luukd1 liked the modpack IndustrialBox 2 9 years ago
please like my modpack, "thelastofthepopulation" !
luukd1 9 years ago