Install ZombieCraft- v3

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (ZombieCraft- v3) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select ZombieCraft- v3 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

ZombieCraft- v3 Version 3.3.5v2

created by Static_Rocket on Minecraft Version 1.6.4
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Does this mod pack still work? There have already been several mod packs I used to play about 3-ish years ago that I have tried playing again but I get an error when I try to download them. I haven't been on Technic for several years because of life issues I had to get in order and just want to make sure I can still play this one.
RedPyramid59 1 year ago
Unless Technic changed the way they want mods packaged I think it still works. Let me know if anything goes haywire and I'll take a look.
Posted by Static_Rocket 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
Really want to see this modpack have a huge update ;~;
MrSausage 3 years ago
the game crashes any time i try to do anything
Giant_fart 3 years ago
i love this modpack!thanks to the people who made this.i would like to see more guns and more wonder weps like monkey bomb and wunderwaffle, changes to the mystery box and ammo system to like (current ammo in gun/ammo available) and a revive system.i hope you guys can make it possible
radiccy 4 years ago
If it is possible with the coding it would be cool to see the mysterybox disappear after 5 buys or so, and move to another spawn location? Also spawn on verruct split? like in actual zombies, maybe a command block with tp @r XX YY ZZ as its command, have 4 spots picked out and 4 command blocks to pick. More guns would be cool but some ideas might help, I'm thinking one or two MGs and another SMG, maybe wonders but that could be hard to program? And yeah, revives would be great, also maybe a PHD flopper? not sure how the flak jacket would work but there is probably an armor enchantment for it. As for the ammunition count I like how it goes now, it doesn't tell you partial reloads left but it is simple and easy to understand so I would stick with it due to ease of programming. Oh and if it isn't an obvious thought make it go with current MC for commands? Up to you guys ultimately though, good hack by the way.
Posted by tinytiger53 4 years ago
Oh traps too? I was trying to think of some to replace electric ones, maybe pistons to block off a path but it would have to cost money and be a button not a lever, or a lever with a different effect than the standard lever. For fire traps just pour lava from the ceiling for about the time a button actives it, maybe a sticky piston blocking lava, the button push retracts the block and then it auto pushes back to stop the flow, creating a short time period of lava in the map. Not sure if a T_flipflop or something would assist in these ideas.
Posted by tinytiger53 4 years ago
we need pack a punch too.the zombies are to tanky every round.
Posted by radiccy 4 years ago
The zombies aren't too bad? what map are you playing on? Also I made some of my own if people want I currently have to maps made and will work on more. Also lets spread the word about this? that mod has public servers and it would be cool to get that for zombies. This is a really great mod definitely recommend
Posted by tinytiger53 4 years ago
"why so serious!?"
Posted by griffindudeboy123 2 years ago
Hi, if any of you guys developing this pack wish for any more maps, I will be happy to provide a few more for you, I've already made four. Reply to this if you're interested. Thx, B33nz.
beanyboy13 4 years ago
Sure, send them my way and I will add them!
Posted by Static_Rocket 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
A few need some finishing off, but here's my first map:!m0oEySSS!uTnHmlS9Iy0lUeEbQCwEv-g28CUNbhQYQBYChZXd6MM
Posted by beanyboy13 4 years ago
Great map! I personally played through to make sure it worked. Expect to see your map in the next update!
Posted by Static_Rocket 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
How do you make your own map? Did you load one and edit it? Also in editing how far can we go? I see the green and red lines but don't really know what any of it means.
Posted by tinytiger53 4 years ago
If you want to make a map, you can achieve quite a lot, as the zombies self-navigate, I suppose you can build as far as that allows you, so as long as you can get from "A" to "B" without jumping then you can just fill in the gaps. Personally, I just learnt of YouTube, because it is quite a lot to explain.
Posted by beanyboy13 3 years ago
anyone know what charge does
R_and_RJB 4 years ago
Charge basically gives you a one-use perk that increases you speed to 150% and makes you invincible for a limited time.
Posted by beanyboy13 4 years ago
I'm downloading now. I reinstalled the launcher just now.
logicraft05 4 years ago
It didnt work at first but i just reinstalled java on 64 bit and changed to a higher GB allowed thing...
Posted by logicraft05 4 years ago
Cool let me know if you have any further issues!
Posted by Static_Rocket 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
static did you know the install link does not work
R_and_RJB 4 years ago
scrap that just worked now
Posted by R_and_RJB 4 years ago
You had me going. I was about to go all out and re-upload and update the entire pack url.
Posted by Static_Rocket 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
If you could make this mod work with FlansMod It would be EPIC.
GithonDraco 5 years ago
I'll look into that, but the issue is that when I do that there will not be any maps that have any of those features unless you make one. (I'm not too good at making maps)
Posted by Static_Rocket 5 years ago | Modpack Creator
Yeah, something like the COD: HI-Res Guns Mod would be great, but like S_R said, you'd have to change all of the gun-buys to something completely custom for this pack because you'd have to edit the purchase_block entity code to work with those items.
Posted by beanyboy13 4 years ago

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