Install Yogbox 2.0

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Yogbox 2.0) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Yogbox 2.0 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Yogbox 2.0 Version 7.4.3

created by FireController1847 on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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What are the mods?
TrippySavage 4 years ago
You can find them in %appdata%/.technic/modpacks/yogbox-20/mods
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I am trying to run a server to play with my friend but whenever I try to run the server it gets to the client then shuts off with an error stating "The state engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded." Any help would be very appreciated.
SamKoGaming 4 years ago
The server download is actually not currently updated to this current version. I won't be able to fix this until I get home.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey, just looked at the website and posted a "problem". I would love to try out your server as I have loved the Yogbox Modpack since it's prime. My post is on your website but thought I would hit you here as well because why not. email me when possible and I will certainly support this Modpack as much as I can. With all due respect. Patherek PS. Happy Holidays Dev Team!!! Y'all made my day when I found this
Patherek 4 years ago
If you used the website for the problem it'll be emailed straight to me! All email's I've gotten I have responses to so far.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
ah whitelisted. your probably working on stuff so thats fine. been a long time since i played yogbox so i thought why not give it a try. I was looking for a link to website but i didnt see one. im probably blind :p. anyways good luck on what ever your doing
brinestone 4 years ago
Yep, you got it right! We're working on it and it should be out on december 8-9th! Also, here's the website button.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
ahahahahaha im laughing so hard right now because this modpack is shit and i joined the discord chat nd said somthing and they kicked me for it DO NOT PLAY THIS random lagspikes to 0 fps when u load a new chunk and my pc can handle any modpack out there
sinnoh 4 years ago
I apologize you're having such issues with the modpack. We will refuse to help anybody who just says, "This modpack is shit." With all due respect, if you'd like some help we'd like some respect. To be unbanned from the discord please go to the website --> games --> yogbox 2.0 --> server --> appeals, and please type the unban report. Please note that you are trying to get unbanned from the discord. If you really would like some help with the modpack, we'd like some respect instead of "this modpack is shit."
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I'd just like to say this is only the second report of this we've had and most people are able to run the modpack just fine.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Have a big problem with the mod that decreases maximum health. As soon as I gain 1 heart, it increases the maximum hearts but they can't regen past 3 hearts
Insane96MCP 4 years ago
Is this on a server or a client? This problem has been reported many times and I keep trying to find another mod to edit the health that doesn't break, but there aren't many. A thing that helps is generally dying once or twice, and if it doesn't work there's not much of a way to fix it without restarting your world.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Client. This is really annoying, I hope you find a fix soon
Posted by Insane96MCP 4 years ago
I'm experiencing this issue on my client side as well. I've done 4 re-installs trying to tinker with other things then screwing up, but every time it displays my hearts healing up to 3 containers, even though I may have 5-7 hearts in total. I'm not able to tell if it's just an error with the display or if I really do only have a 3 heart cap or not. They fill up when I level up, but once I go beneath that 3 heart cap it won't heal past it.
Posted by bapums 4 years ago
You really have 3 hearts, sadly is not a visual bug
Posted by Insane96MCP 4 years ago
Heyyy when will you update the server file to 6.4.3 ?
patrik1412 4 years ago
Thank you for reminding me. I won't be able to get to them until a few days from now, but I promise I'll announce when I get them out!
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I have the same problem right now. I don't know why. I downloaded the 6.4.5. version of it.
Posted by Vhenrik 4 years ago
I used to like this mudpack when it felt like the actual yogbox but now its not please return to the old mods
Troll1dude 4 years ago
I apologize that you feel this way! Can you please explain to me which mods you feel is ruining the experience? We'll definitively take it into account and make sure you get the best experience!
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I think project Zulu is ruining the experience mo creatures made yogbox what it is. By the way I love you mudpack I think your probably one of the best mudpack makers that i've seen because of how dedicated you are to it keep up the good work
Posted by Troll1dude 4 years ago
I hope you do understand why we have removed Mo Creatures, right? Project Zulu works about the same as MoCreatures, due to the fact 90% of the creatures are the same. We were forced to remove MoCreatures because it was starting to make people's games unstable (not that the 1.7.10 version of the mod *was ever* stable), as well as the game "thought" mobs were spawning, but really they weren't. I've done countless hours of testing with the mods. I've tried over 4-5 'creatures' mods, but the best one seems to be Project Zulu. I am more than happy to let you edit your own modpack, as you can download the mod for yourself and add it yoruself (%appdata%./technic/modpacks/yogbox-20/mods), but we will not be able to re-add it to the modpack due to the amount of instability that mocreatures has. I really hope you understand.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I will continue to do testing with the mod, but it will probably not be brought back.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Thank you I'm fine though i've just added the mod myself thank you though
Posted by Troll1dude 4 years ago
I have a problem with yogboxem .. when it stahuju there so I jump Naka icon to write the house owner and asked him what to do is ...
Tazzy 4 years ago
I still have no idea what you're talking about. Explain, what is a "stahuju", "Naka", and "yogboxem"?
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hi, I was wondering what you have to yogboxem? I do not want to download and chvliku it running and then they fly Pobla I admit that I had to contact the house owner ... so please make it with te told me why I do not ..
Tazzy 4 years ago
... what?
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
when will the server be upp?
renux1234 4 years ago
the new World d:
Posted by renux1234 4 years ago
I can't give you a date but it will be within the next 2-3 weeks. (If you'd like to continue posting simple things like this, I am going to require you to start posting on the Discord. Any more simple comments like this will be deleted)
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
well its for the greater good /:
renux1234 4 years ago
great modpack though needs mo creatures and pokeballs mod
renux1234 4 years ago
Neither will be added, as it's on the blacklist for mods.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Is it possible to put Mcmmo on a multiplayer server? Would it be much different from putting it on a normal server?
qkumber 4 years ago
You could attempt it, but you'd have to download the server and set it up yourself. We will not support plugin-servers. I apologize for the inconvenience (but yet, it will work if you can set up a plugin/forge server)
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Did you remove Lycanites Mobs? I logged on to my world and it said that Forge detected that some items were missing. I noticed that some of the items were from Lycanites mobs.
Ian_Roundkicker 4 years ago
Yes. In the changelog there is the mod it was replaced with.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
So trying to launch my own personal server for my friends and I and the server just keeps telling me to Restart the server everytime... Suggestions or better solution?
Gamma_Menio 4 years ago
You'd have to give me the crash report for the best results. (Do not send the file in the comments, upload it and give me the link to the upload) If you'd like almost immediate response time, please send me the file through discord and we'll be able to help you there.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I hope you don't mind, but i would like to recommend a mod or 2. I forget the name of this mod i think its called "Battle Gear" it allows you to hold 2 weapons and or a shield and i think it would be rather fitting, i would also like to recommend "Achimedies Ships" so we can make sky ships and rule over both sea and land, it is also helpful for running NPC quests because I spent a litteral 5 days (irl) trying to find a mountain biome for a sorcerers tower for the Norman Knight and had to run all the way back. Thank you for taking your time to read this, this is pretty much the only modpack i play nowadays it brings back soo many memories, keep up the good work!
MrEnderWolf 4 years ago
Also a friend of mine recommended Minecraft Comes Alive, any idea what that mod is about and if it would fit?
Posted by MrEnderWolf 4 years ago
Archimedes Ships is actually in the modpack, but is only not on the official server because it lagged it way to much. You can still host a server with Archimedes ships if you would like, it just puts too much strain on the official one. About Battle Gear.. It's been suggested before and it's in our suggestions list. Next time we ask for mods to add, I'll add both Minecraft Comes Alive and Battle Gear to the suggestions list. Thank you for your suggestions!
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
awesome thanks MCRAFTMAN, you seem to be one of the few modpack dev's ive spoke too that actualy care about player feedback, keep up the good work!
Posted by MrEnderWolf 4 years ago
is there mocreatures?
renux1234 4 years ago
There very quite possibly could be again in the next update. Really our only choices of mods are Lycanaties or Mo' Creatures, in which both have super bad sides.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Can you make a guide on how to set up a server? I would like to play on a private server with some friends on Hamachi! :D
rayvere 4 years ago
There are plenty of guides out there, our server download is no exception! :)
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Can someone write modlist? I am new player and i dont know what mods this modpack contains.
jonasthemad 4 years ago
I have made a client side modlist you can find in your mods folder, located in %appdata%/.technic/modpacks/yogbox-20/mods. Look for a file called Modlist or something of the sort.
Posted by FireController1847 4 years ago | Modpack Creator

Latest Update

Unfortunately, due to some mistakes I made, there is now only Version 7.4.3 available to download. I apologize about this, however, the download is now back online! Thanks for your patience