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Type in the modpack name (Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron Version 2.42

created by mensrea on Minecraft Version 1.7.10

Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron updated to version 1.2111

I took over 3 months off from modding and just recently came back to it. I want to finish this packs story and will be working on act 4 and migrating to a working questbook. If I can, I'll update to 1.10. This update is a major bugfix and balancing update.

-fixed issue with mobs causing extreme lag
-ADDED MOD: hearts, for endurance and strength
-ADDED MOD: worldedit CUI, for users to see what they're highlighting in worldedit
-ADDED MOD: fastcraft
-ADDED MOD: healthbar, to get rid of those hearts that were taking up too much space
-ADDED MOD: default controls. sets your controls to none for a lot of the mods if its the first time you ran the game
-ADDED MODELS: greylight by derpiwolf
-REMOVED MOD: mapwriter
-UPDATED MOD: flans mod
-UPDATED MODS: the various thermals and cofhcore
-removed that awful seasonal music. Lycanites added it, if you wanted to know
-fixes and improvements to many biomes
-fixes and improvements to ruins templates
-general improvements to FPS
-fixes to tutorial level and addition of drivers ed
-fixed issues with the wrong blocks spawning on towers. you can exchange the old ones for new ones that work
-fixed the carbon rod quest
-fixed the workbench quest
-added the ad-mech door code to a quest. you could have talked to the servitor for it but that wasnt obvious
-changed the worldspawn to the ship where it should be
-made areas that you teleport to taller to reduce risk of glitching into the ground
-demon mobs now only spawn at night or near mob spawners
-increased the amount of experience from ab initio quests. they are tedious "build a thing" quests and need the extra incentive
-i cant fix the points going negative issue, its an HQM thing, but i did put a cooldown on investing stats to limit accidental clicking
-fixed the issue with players not getting the recall beacon when they should have
-improved the descriptions on how things work and added tooltips to some meta items

-new graphics for many weapons
-guns have unique sounds and ranges depending on ammo
-bullet impacts have unique sounds and ranges depending on ammo
-guns have unique recoil patterns depending on ammo
-guns have armor piercing values depending on weapon. theres a tooltip marker for it
-guns have improved and updated tooltips
-vehicle weapons have tooltips
-removed over 100 vehicles parts and replaced them with 6
-vastly improved and updated all vehicles, planes and mechs
-tank shells and bombs are now worth using

-better integrated skill system into quests
-you can no longer exceed 10 stat points
-you can no longer get negative stat point
-fixed the error with the imprinting system needing a deprecated item
-fixed the issue with 1-50 mechanic giving leveling survival instead
-all skills and skill bonuses now only require 1 stat
-endurance now gives permanent increase to health according to points
-strength now gives permanent increase to melee damage according to points
-melee skill gains access to Melee Mastery, which increases damage with melee
-melee skill loses access to various weapon enchantments

-added shade to list of monstrosities. made its bite paralyze you temporarily
-mobs target and damage vehicles, mechs and planes when the player's in them
-mob tracking has been significantly nerfed
-mobs shoot from further away
-almost all mobs wander the map
-mobs now have set health that only changes with difficulty and rarity
-harder mobs now spawn much less, and only so many can exist at once
-mobs now spawn in the biomes they should
-biomes with vegetation or mesas are free of direct demon spawning
-natural predators spawn on peaceful
-natural predators spawn in areas with vegetation
-behemoths are much tougher but only 2 can exist at once, anywhere
mensrea posted a changelog update for Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron 2 years ago


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Latest Update

The development of this pack is being suspended. It's too buggy to play in multiplayer and single player has issues with players losing their quest progress/broken quests. These are Better Questing issues that will not be addressed.