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Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron Version 2.42

created by mensrea on Minecraft Version 1.7.10

Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron updated to version 1.2110

-NOTICE: It's highly suggested you start a new map to take full advantage of many new locations and features. Use World Edit to copy and save your base so you can paste it into the new map. It's included in the pack for your convenience.
-NOTICE: you can't play in groups anymore. the RPG system interferes with it. It won't matter, because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks
-NOTICE: you should let your world be called Nwe World if you want the initial map beacons
-added character development. SPECIAL stats, 40 levels, 14 skills, 112 skill related abilities, and 80 perks define your character.
-added troop questlines for imperium and lost & damned. raise and command your own NPC armies! many different types of troops for both sides
-vehicles are back and look better than ever! upcoming updates will add a skill tree that has the exclusive ability to make them, so the recipes will be changing a lot
-added mayor skill. establish a town hall, call in settlers, get work done, establish order, get your own merchants, transporters and more
-keep inventory is on by default, and cannot turn off. you now must pay energy to get lives instead

New Mods
-flans mod+
-liquid XP
-thermal expansion
-i haven't incorporated it properly just yet, currently using it to see how easy i have to make IC2 recipes for the mod to be acceptable in a pack intended for casual players. once IC2 is on par with it the mods will both use the same parts thanks to forge dictionary
-thermal foundation
-thermal dynamics
-inventory tweaks

Mod Changes
-many fixes to recipes
-removed coros AI mod, it's useless with modded mobs
-addressed issues with archimedes being anachronistic (ships now need uranium rods, 1 rod runs the ship for 1 hour)
-archimedes ships now go incredibly fast
-ship blocks are now equal to iron blocks in blast resistance. they are no longer flammable
-got rid of the following in all crafting recipes in order to further simplify recipes
-robotic arm, solar cell, insulated wires (all types), metal boiler, silicon wafer, wire coil, drawplate, mk1 battery, silicon boule, microchip bundle, micro-circuit, charged mico-capacitor bundle, charged micro-capacitor, detonator bundle, detonator, forge hammer, steel shaft, nano-steel, nano-steel plate, nano-steel parts, diamantine stuff, diamond steel stuff (29 parts in total). removed parts were replaced with much simpler parts or just raw materials. removed parts have been eliminated from STC's, loot tables and vendors.
-added much simpler alternative ammo recipes
-simplified recipes for all remaining parts and machines. aiming to make IC2 recipes have the same crafting complexity as TE
-buffed IC2 energy generation rates to be equal with TE gens
-RF and EU are set at 1 to 1. this is not new, but i wanted to mention it
-fixed many broken recipes
-made pfaa coals fully compatible with the pack
-steel tools are now shiny tools from TE. the ones i added didn't work right
-simplified and explained reactor components for IC2. easier recipes
-increased mining resistance of various steel blocks and rockcrete
-started the transition to using just TE/IC2/IE as the main tech mods (phasing out redpower)
-stims are now extremely good
-improved many drugs
-military and civilian rations are now easier to make
-added hemp seeds to list of seeds that drop when hoeing grass (oversight)
-added note about getting basic seeds from using hoe on grass to questbook
-changed max range of turrets to 64
-melee weapons now have tooltips
-rockcrete, reinforced rockcrete, steel blocks, steel siding and glass have been strengthened
-added generic machinery and computer blocks that spawn with ruins. they drop parts and experience
-alcohol now has some positive and negative effects

-added the final biomes: lush desert, scrubland, boneyard, dump, canyons, iron biome, copper biome, coal biome and uranium biome
-tweaked and adjusted many existing biomes

New Quests And Quest Changes
-added act 3 story quests for chaos & imperials
-added summoning questline for chaos
-added investment questline for imperials
-expanded on ad-mech questline
-added troop questlines to imperium and chaos
-vastly improved the beginning of the game (npc explanations, rewards, so on)
-you now get alerts when you discover a random location
-early quests alert you when you arrive at the locations
-all NPC adversaries respawn.
-the beginning quests have more NPC adversaries. this is to balance things out for people who play on peaceful in the beginning
-vastly improved the rewards for many quests
-a new locations page of the HQM journal that lets you track the places you randomly discover in one place
-fixed some quests involving archimedes
-continued editing of all writing to improve quality
-some quests were given alternative paths to follow

-greatly improved the ad-mech bunker with more NPC's, a better farm and so on
-you can now get free water at quest hubs
-you can now get free building materials of various types at the quarry
-you can now set your spawn point at bars
-improved method of getting water at pump station
-added about 10 new locations including some new types of sites with more of a background
-added possibility of finding credits in civilian ruin loot chests
-rebalanced loot chests
-removed code door from imperial bunker

-changed many skins to be more reflective of the 40k universe
-added some KMFDM songs to the club locations
-used the 40k name generator to rename all NPC's more 40kish names (i'm still not going to make them talk in cockney idc)
-got some better skins for NPC's. still hard to find skins that are good but not someones anime waifu

-weapons now have hit icons
-projectiles send up debris when they hit surfaces
-bolt, laser and plasma weapons now have better effects
-kraken rounds are now mildly radioactive
-added explosion effects back to explosives
-added power sword. does more damage and swings faster than a chainsword
-vastly improved inferno weapons. they now inflict the flammable status effect, which increases fires damage over time
-vastly improved the narthecium. it now gives you about 40 extra life and 60% resistance for one minute, 3 seconds of invulnerability, and 6 seconds of regeneration II. great for team play
-added many new particle effects to various types of explosions
-foam grenades now inflict the sticky status effect
-increased blast radius of all explosives
-the grav gun cripples its targets

-mobs are now damaged by explosives properly. they used to be healed by them
-mobs are no longer knocked back (usually)
-demons no longer have excessive armor. it was too ridiculous
-removed speed and attack speed buffs from mobs
-mobs now track you over very long distances and shoot at you from much further away
-added geists and crypt zombies into the game
-set neutrals to be hostile to daemons

-increased dogmeats health, damage and aggro range
-reduced follower hire timeframes to reasonable amounts
-added a super cheap one day option to followers so you can move them around via soulstone
-removed ad-mech hostility towards neutrals (they will no longer kill peoples pets)
-made lost & damned hostile with daemons, and vice versa (daemon is just the name of the faction that the zombie troopers are in)
-made Endel MUCH tougher
-dogmeat now has sounds
-updated scrap prices at scrap dealer NPC's (made it much cheaper)
-added small lights to scrap dealer inventory
-added hemp seeds to botanicals dealer NPC's
-imperial NPC's have been brought up to global standards
-lost and damned NPC's have been brought up to global standards
-added servo-skulls
mensrea posted a changelog update for Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron 3 years ago


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Add way to paint space marine and terminator armor , and dreadnough and other space marines things and vehicles , paint with the chapters colors , like , paint a space marine set to salamanders , they should have some flames in salamander icon
Posted by cesarjunior233 3 years ago
Posted by cesarjunior233 3 years ago

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The development of this pack is being suspended. It's too buggy to play in multiplayer and single player has issues with players losing their quest progress/broken quests. These are Better Questing issues that will not be addressed.