Install Viper-Craft Galaxy

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Viper-Craft Galaxy) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Viper-Craft Galaxy from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Viper-Craft Galaxy Version 1.7

created by ViperZeroOne on Minecraft Version 1.7.10

This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.

  • Admin Commands Toolbox by ProfMobius
  • Advanced Solar Panels by SeNtiMeL
  • AgriCraft by InfinityRaider
  • AOBD 2 by ganymedes01
  • Applied Energistics by AlgorithX2
  • Aquaculture by Shadowclaimer
  • Archimedes Ships by Balkondeur
  • Armor Status HUD by bspkrs
  • Aroma1997Core by Aroma1997
  • AromaBackup by Aroma1997Ars Magica 2 by Mithion
  • Ars Magica 2 by Mithion
  • Balkon's WeaponMod by Balkondeur
  • Baubles by Azanor
  • Bdlib by bdew
  • BiblioCraft by Nuchaz
  • Big Reactors by Erogenous Beef
  • Biomes O' Plenty by TDWP_FTW, Adubbz
  • Blood Magic by WayofTime
  • Botania by Vazkii
  • Buildcraft by CovertJaguar, SirSengir, Krapht, cpw, spacetoad
  • Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
  • ChickenChunks by Chickenbones
  • CodeChickenCore by Chickenbones
  • CodeChickenLib by Chickenbones
  • CoFH Core by CoFH team
  • ComputerCraft by dan200
  • DecoCraft by RazzleberryFox
  • DenseOres by RWTema
  • DoggyStyle by TheGoldVane
  • Draconic Evolution by brandon3055
  • Ender Tech by Drayshak
  • Ender Zoo by CrazyPants
  • EnderIO by CrazyPants
  • EnderStorage by Chickenbones
  • Enhanced Portals 3 by Alz454
  • Exchange Orb by MattDahEpic
  • Extra Utilities by RWTema
  • ExtraTiC by Glassmaker
  • FastLeafDecay by Olafski
  • FlatSigns by Myrathi
  • Forestry by SirSengir
  • Forge Essentials (Server) by Olee92
  • Forge Multipart by Chickenbones
  • Gendustry by bdew
  • HarvestCraft by MatrexsVigil, Rhodox
  • Hats by iChun
  • Hat Stand by iChun
  • Headcrumbs by ganymedes
  • iChunUtil by iChun
  • Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize
  • IndustrialCraft 2 by IC2 Dev Team
  • InfiniBows by Myrathi
  • INpure Core by denoflionsx
  • Inventory Pets by Purplicious_Cow
  • Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
  • IronChests by cpw
  • JABBA by ProfMobius
  • JourneyMap by techbrew
  • Just What I Needed by SSBlur
  • LogisticsPipes by davboecki, AartBluestoke, ArtForz, GUIpsp, theZorro266
  • Magic Bees by MysteriousAges
  • Magical Crops (3 part mod) by Mark719
  • Mantle by mDiyo, progwml6
  • MineFactory Reloaded by skyboy026, powercrystals
  • MineTweaker by StanH
  • MobiusCore by ProfMobius
  • Morpheus by quetzi
  • Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod by MrCrayfish
  • Natura by mDiyo
  • NEI Addons by bdew
  • NEI Integration by Tonius
  • NetherOres by skyboy026, powercrystals
  • Not Enough Items by Chickenbones
  • Not Enough Keys by Mr_okushama
  • Nuclear Control by shedar
  • OpenBlocks by Mikeemoo
  • OpenModsLib by Mikeemoo
  • OpenPeripheral Core by Mikeemoo
  • Portal Gun by iChun
  • ProjectE by sinkillerj
  • Project Red by MrTJP, Chickenbones
  • Progressive Automation by VanhalMinecraft
  • Railcraft by CovertJaguar
  • Redstone Arsenal by TeamCoFH
  • RFtools by McJty
  • RF Windmills by Piepenguin
  • Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk
  • Rope Bridge by czechmate777
  • Simply Jetpacks by Tonius
  • Solar Expansion by TedTheRusSB624
  • Steve's Addons by hilburn
  • Steve's Carts 2 by Vswe
  • Steve's Factory Manager by Vswe
  • Steve's Workshop by Vswe
  • Storage Drawers by jaquadro
  • Thaumcraft 4 by Azanor
  • Thaumcraft NEI Plugin by DjGiannuzz
  • Thaumcraft Node Tracker by Dyonovan
  • Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH
  • Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH
  • Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH
  • TiC Tooltips by squeek502
  • Tinker's Construct by boni, mDiyo
  • Tinker's Mechworks by mDiyo
  • Translocators by Chickenbones
  • TreeCapitator by bspkrs, DaftPVF
  • ttCore by tterrag
  • Twilight Forest by Benimatic
  • Waila by ProfMobius
  • Waila Harvestability by squeek502
  • Wawla by Darkhax
  • Wireless Redstone CBE by Chickenbones
  • Witchery by Emoniph

The majority of these mods are used with open GNU or MIT licenses. Where required we have notified and/or sought the permission of the mod creators prior to including their mods in this modpack.

Note: Due to a personal decision, and the ease of using Google, we have not included links to any mods. We feel the inclusion of a name on this page of credits should more than satisfy any reasonable developer. Any developer who feels otherwise may contact us so we may publicize your complaint and permanently remove your mod from our pack.

Latest Update

Hopefully everyone is enjoying this mod pack! Just a reminder we're continuing work on VCG2, check it out!