Install This Steam is Awesome!

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (This Steam is Awesome!) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select This Steam is Awesome! from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

This Steam is Awesome! Version 2.0

created by Aladalar on Minecraft 1.7.10

Vitejte v ere, kde vladne para!

Je na case si postavit steampunkove mesto, vytvorit plovouci pevnost, nebo mesto v oblacich! Nebo se na to vse vykaslete a zacnete svou vedeckou karieru! Hledejte praveke kosti, vrhnete se na genetiku a pak si postavte treba Jursky Park! Budte kreativni!
Neradi stavite domy? Nevadi udelejte si parni stroje nebo postavte zeleznici, je to na vas! Jo a co takhle lest na hory nebo vytvorit lanove centrum? Neni problem! Pokud neradi vysky tak si bezte zaplavat nebo stavet hrady z pisku...


Welcome to steam era!

It's time to build your own steampunk city, floating fortress or city in the sky! Hm, maybe screw that and start your scientific career! Search for ancient bones, start your gen lab and next step will be Jurassic park? Just be creative! You hate build fancy homes? Whatever build your own steam factory, or railroad, it depend on you! What about mountain climbing or make climbing center? Not a problem. If you hate heights, well then go swimming or build your sand castles have a fun...

Latest Update

This Steam is Awesome! was updated to version 2.0