Install The 1.12.2 Pack

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The 1.12.2 Pack) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The 1.12.2 Pack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The 1.12.2 Pack Version 1.6.3

created by xJon on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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Yo, I have a problem joining my friends with the same mod. I would enter the ip address to directly connect but when I'm joining in it would crash or sometimes tell me that one of the mod packs are having a problem loading. I had one crash report on a "Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException" and i was looking at something saying that one of the mobs was not loading in correctly. Need Help ASAP!
TheChingChong 4 years ago
Please go to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey Guys, Is there anywhere a list of Servers for The 1.12.2 Pack?, maybe from Germany or so? Thats greats if someone can text me. Have a nice Evening
Hodentee 4 years ago
It is in the Discord server of the modpack :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hello there, great work done until now. I'm looking forward to see the future developments of this splendid pack. The ambiance is just great in the wild for example, or in caves ... also discovered big catacombs as I was teleported there by a "teleport creeper". Lots of fun with all those spawners down there. At the surface I found also a nice two storey house, with some catacombs in the basement. The house is near the deeper catacombs I was talking about first ... Really a sympathetic experience, carry on boys and thanks for the job already done ;-)
Quasar-01 4 years ago
Ah yes forgot something to say, is it normal that hives have snow on their top (anyway on spruce forest, as far as I can see).
Posted by Quasar-01 4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback! And yes it's normal to have snowy hives
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey! I just recently started playing this pack and I realised that most particles creates huge fps drops, so for example multiple flame arrows whould crash your game or at least get you down to 1 fps. Is this just an issue for me and my friends or does anyone else have it?
jroakhammer 4 years ago
I just noticed that blazes are good, but the Thaumcraft "wizards" and fire arrow particle effects seem to take my game to 1 fps.
Posted by jroakhammer 4 years ago
Please go to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
i really hope that this can get fixed, but when i play this pack, all the galacticraft stuff seems to be missing :( it only shows me the over world and i can't travel to anywhere else like mars or the moon. i was so excited i hope this can be fixed thank you!
ZelynFoituneh 4 years ago
Since v1.1.0 with the addition of Planet Progression you're supposed to research and discover new planets & moons (instead of having all of them automatically "unlocked"). It was written in the v1.1.0 changelog, over the GitHub repository & in-game over the tier 1 rocket tooltip.
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hello I would like help with this issue, when playing the 1.7.10 pack I can run the pack just fine on 4 GB but switching over to the 1.12.2 pack I need to up the ram to 5 GB and I an issue where I cannot load the pack. I can get partially through the loading screen, (the screen that has the 1/7 loading bar) but after that it crashes. Is this a issue with my PC not having enough RAM or is something else causing it? What are my options and if I cannot run it will the 1.7.10 pack continue to be updated? Thank you!
zach3311 4 years ago
Please go to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hi, I installed the modpack and gave it to about 8 GB of ram I also have a processor with 2.80 GHz with a boost to 3.60GHz but still somehow whenever I play it I have less than 20 fps and even when I changed the video settings. Can you give me a bit of advice about what can be wrong or something? Thanks for the reply.
sorb1n 4 years ago
Hi, 6GB of RAM is enough but you'd also need a good graphics card in your system. The modpack comes with an in-game guide book with tips for extra performance.
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I found a bug! Not sure if this is unique to the pack or an issue with AE2. If you open a door with a certus quartz wrench you can not walk through the door. The animation works and the door shows as open but you can't walk through it. Closing and reopening with nothing or any other items fixes the "broken door". Very minor bug.
wolff000 4 years ago
Please go to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hello, thanks for this amazing Modpack! I waited a long time for such a Modpack, like Novus Remix. And this is now xour Modpack. I have now a server and all works fine (but with 7gb Ram "Haha"). I have three Questons: 1. First is there a PureBDCraft Version for this Modpack in 128x? I only found a 64x Version but no with no Modblocks. 2. On the server i can not Shift + Rightclick a Basic Universal Cable with the Configurator in my hands (Mekanism). I only take the cable from the machine. 3. And from time to time the server crashes. But this i think is normal with this amount of mods! Greetings daes10
daes10 4 years ago
Sphax is only x64 due to high RAM usage on 1.12.2. For the other issues please go to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
my mod crashed
qedc 4 years ago
Did this happen upon you trying to launch the modpack or while you were playing? I suggest dedicating more ram towards the modpack. Around 6gb should do.
Posted by ZJums 4 years ago
Which mod is the one that shows what item you are looking at, at the top of the screen?
JudahDeNose 4 years ago
Posted by VzeusV 4 years ago
Posted by JudahDeNose 4 years ago
In 1.12.2 the fork is called Hwyla.
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
the morph mod isn't working i cant fly when i am a bat or swim fast when i am a squid
modald 4 years ago
Morph mod Currently Does not allow abilities in 1.12.2 It's the mod you cannot change anything
Posted by rasdid13 4 years ago
I don't understand how exactly to install. I pressed install and it loaded a bunch of stuff, but nothing happened after. Please reply soon.
PittedBuckle839 4 years ago
You need to download the Technic launcher and get the modpack from there :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey! how could I hide mekanism cables. I've tried to use block covers and chisel and bits but nothing seems to work.
Half_Mexican 4 years ago
Please go to to get help!
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I can't make rennet using the growthcraft milk mod, for some reason the brew kettle doesn't work if i put stomach and water
Gutok6 4 years ago
Please go to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
What would you recommend for installing server plugins? We're trying to use Sponge but the latest version of sponge is 2838 while the Forge used is 2847. It's crashing on start when I try to run.
Schnellinator1 4 years ago
Figured it out. If you use sponge, use version 1.12.2-2838-7.1.7-RC3844
Posted by Schnellinator1 4 years ago
You need to make sure to remove Mystcraft.
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Update: Don't use that version of spongeforge! It will keep vanilla ore from generating properly. I've tried removing Mystcraft but that doesn't solve my issue of not being able to use plugins.
Posted by Schnellinator1 4 years ago
Is it possible to copy across a 1.7.10 pack world into a 1.12.2 pack server?
Priminuto 4 years ago
Unfortunately that is not possible due to the incredible amount of changes in both Minecraft & the mods between 1.7 & 1.12.
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Can you add Matter Overdrive? It would be a great mod for adventure, I played on a server with technical and magical mods and it fit very well, please consider.
VzeusV 4 years ago
Could you please add the mod rftools, i think its a great tech mod.
LaNdEr_VdD 4 years ago
A Hardcore PvP server is very annoying and a Peaceful PvE server is a bit boring so I think it needs a Non-Hardcore PvP server for a balance between the two.
Ali_Dee_1410 4 years ago
The servers featured with this modpack are PvP & PvE. I'm not sure what you mean by "hardcore" as you can respawn freely?
Posted by xJon 4 years ago | Modpack Creator

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