Install Temog

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Temog) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Temog from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Temog Version 5.7.2

created by MrCouchy on Minecraft 1.7.10
Are you tired of not having enough adventure in Tekkit? Bored of Hexxit being the same old 1.5.2? Now you don't have to be. With Temog's 95 1.7.10 pack, you can enjoy the great sensations of having a mixture of the both and more. This modpack brings style and uniqueness to the quality of modpack design. Providing mods from the skys of The Aether to the deeps of the Runic Dungeons. Not only does this modpack provide dimensional exploration, but also brushes on the mechanics and manufacturing, of IC2 & EnderIO.
Note alot of Mods are still in beta and confirmation has not been confirmed, for I do not have time. If you are one of the [b]mod owners[/b] provided, please be sure to contact me if you do not want this mod apart of this pack.
Temog also does have “edits” to mods within the packs, if you are a [b]mod owner[/b] and do not want your mod used in this fashion please do not hesitate to contact me. All rights are reserved respectably to all individual mod owners.

[b][u]HOW TO GET TEMOG:[/u][/b] [b]1. [/b]To download the modpack for your game, you will need the Technic Launcher: Windows - [url=]Download[/url] Mac/Linux - [url=]Download[/url] [b]2. [/b]Once your Technic Launcher is downloaded, installed and logged in to your mincraft account [b]3. [/b]Then select the modpack option on the left called "Add New Pack". [b]4. [/b]Copy and paste the following link: [url=../../../api/modpack/temog][/url] Temog Server - [url=]Download[/url]


Adv. Machines (AtomicStryker) Version 1.0 [url=]Forum[/url]

Adv. Solar Panel Version 3.5.1 [url=]Forum[/url]

Aether II Version Beta 1.4 [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

Another One Bites The Dust Version 2.9.2 [url=]Curse[/url]

Applied Energistics 2 Version rv2 Stable-10 [url=]Curse[/url]

Atum Version 0.6.60 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Armor Status HUD Version 1.28 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Backlytra Version 0.0.3 [url=]Curse[/url]

Backpack Version 2.0.1 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Battle Towers Version 1.0 [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

BetterBoat + Core Version 1.1.0 [url=]Curse[/url]

BspkrsCore Version 6.16 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Buildcraft Version 7.0.17 [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

ChickenCore + ChickenChunks Version [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

ChocolateQuest Version 1.0 [url=”]Forum[/url]

CoFH Core Version 3.0.3-303 [url=”]Website[/url]


Custom NPC's Version 1.7.10d [url=]Curse[/url]

Enchanting Plus Version 3.0.2 [url=”]Forum[/url]

EnderIO Version [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

Ender Storage Version [url=]Curse[/url]

Eternal Frost Version 2.0b6 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Extra Biomes XL Version 3.16.2 [url=”]Forum[/url]

ExtraTiC Version 1.4.6 [url=]Curse[/url]

Falling Meteors Version 2.14.3 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Familiars + Add-on’s Version 1.0 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Gilded Games Util Version 2.0 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Gravity Gun Version 4.0.0beta [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

GrowthCraft + Add-on’s Version 2.1.0 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Hats Version 4.0.1 [url=”]Website[/url]

Hexxit Gear Revisited Version 1.1 [url=”]Website[/url]

iChunUtil Version 4.2.2 [url=”]Website[/url]

Industrialcraft 2 Version 2.2.756 Experimental [url=”]Forum[/url]

Infernal Mobs Version 1.0 [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

IguanaTinkerTweaks Version 2.1.6 [url=]Curse[/url]

Infini-TiC Version 0.1.5DEV324b697 [url=]Curse[/url]

Inventory Tweaks Version 1.58 [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

Just Another Spawner (JAS) + Add-on Version 0.17.2 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Legendgear Version 2.b.2.1 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Mantle Version 0.3.2 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Version [url=]Forum[/url]

MineTweaker3 Version 3.0.9c [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

Mutant Creatures Version 1.4.8 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Natura Version [url=”]Forum[/url]

NEI Version [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

PowerConverters Version 2.11 [url=]Curse[/url]

Primitive Mobs Version 1.0c [url=;]Forum[/url]

SimpleOres 2 + Add-on’s Version 1.6 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Project Zulu Version 1.4c2 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Quintessences (AetherCraft) Version [url=”]Forum[/url]

Ruins Version 1.0 [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

Runic Dungeons Version 1.1.5c [url=”]Forum[/url]

Status Effect HUD Version 1.27 [url=”]Forum[/url]

TiCToolTips Version 1.2.5 [url=]Curse[/url]

Tinkers Construct Version 1.8.5 [url=”]Website[/url] [url=”]Forum[/url]

Too Much Loot Version 4.0.0.B25 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Treecapitator Version 2.0.4 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Twilight Forest Version 2.3.7 [url=”]Forum[/url]

UpdateCheckerMod Version 1.0 [url=”]Website[/url]

Waila + Addons Version 1.5.10 [url=]Curse[/url]

Wawla Version [url=]Curse[/url]

ZZZZZ Custom Configs Version 2.3.0 [url=”]Forum[/url]

Latest Update

Temog was updated to version 5.7.2