Install IndustrialOvercharge

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (IndustrialOvercharge) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select IndustrialOvercharge from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

IndustrialOvercharge Version 3.8

created by undifinedmaniac on Minecraft 1.7.10

This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled. This mod pack also contains mods by many other amazing developers, whom are credited below.

Treecapitator - DaftPVF

Advanced Machines AS - AtomicStryker

Advanced Repultion Systems - immibis

AE2 Stuff - BDew

AnimationAPI - thehippomaster21

Applied Energistics - AlgorithmX2

BetterFps - Guichaguri

Better Records - Stumblinbear

Big Reactors - ErogenousBeef

Binnie Patcher - Chocohead

Extra Bees, Extra Trees, Botany, Genetics - Binnie

Biomes O' Plenty - Glitchfiend

BuildCraft - BuildCraft Team

BuildCraft Compat -BuildCraft Team

ChickenChunks - chicken_bones

Chisel - tterrag1098

CodeChickenCore - chicken_bones

CoFHCore - CoFH Team

CoFHLib - CoFH Team

CompactSolars - progwm16

ComputerCraft - dan200

ComputerCraftEdu - dan200

Crossbow Mod 2 - Micdoodle8

CustomLanPort Mod - source_code293

EnderIO - CrazyPants

EnderStorage - chicken_bones

Ender Zoo - CrazyPants

Extra Cells 2 - DrummerMC

Extra Utilities - RWTema

Flan's Mod - Flan

Modern Weapons Pack - Flan

Simple Parts Pack - Flan

Titan Pack - Flan

Mecha Parts Pack - Flan

Forestry - SirSengir

Galacticraft Core & Galacticraft Planets - Micdoodle8

IC2NuclearControl - Xbony2

Immersive Engineering - BluSunrize

Immibis Core - Immibis

Industrial Craft 2 Experimental - IC2 Dev Team

Inventory Tweaks - Kobata

Iron Chests- progwml6

Manle API - mDiyo

Mekanism - aidancbrady

MekanismGenerators - aidancbrady

MekanismTools - aidancbrady

MicdoodleCore - Micdoodle8

Minechem - jakimfett

Minefactory Reloaded - CoFH Team

Modular Powersuits - MachineMuse

NEI Addons - BDew

Nether Ores - CoFH Team

Not Enough Items - chichen_bones

Numina - MachineMuse

Open Modular Turrets - Poenjabiesous

Pam's HarvestCraft - MatrexsVigil

PlanetguyLib - Planetguy

Player API - Divisor

PneumaticCraft - MineMaarten

Powerconverters - portablejim

ProjectE - Iron Miner

ProjectRed (and all modules) - Mr_TJP

QmunityLib - quetzi

Railcraft (Blog, Wiki, License) - CovertJaguar

Redstone Arsenal - CoFH Team

Rei's Minimap - ReiFNSK

Remain in Motion - Planetguy

Steves Carts 2 - Vswe

Tinkers' Construct 2 - mDiyo

Thaumcraft - Azanor

Thermal Dynamics - CoFH Team

Thermal Expanstion - CoFH Team

Thermal Foundation - CoFH Team

TubeStuff - Immibis

Twilight Forest - Benimatic

Walia - ProfMobius

WR-CBE - chicken_bones This was written by undefinedmaniac if you copy paste this modpack, Im reporting you

Latest Update

IndustrialOvercharge was updated to version 3.8