Install The Lost Islands

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Lost Islands) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Lost Islands from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Lost Islands Version 1.1.5

created by SFTMedia on Minecraft Version 1.7.10
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when i make a world i fall into the void when i switch to crative mode fast i cant find the starter island help
TEK9643 2 years ago
Hey there I do have more than 12 hours of play time. So can I get member *my nick is TabbySlime101
TabbySlime101 3 years ago please consult modpack author
skelletje_movies 3 years ago
please put vain miner on here would make it a hole lot esyer
cjkra450 3 years ago
"If you're having issues with loading the modpack, it seems that the recent GeForce driver broke the modpack. Just down-grade your driver and it should work again. I'm using version 376.33 and it seems to work fine."
blalp 3 years ago
Hello on the server is my name Schokofrosch1401 and i have send you now 2 requests fpr unban one for 5 months and second for 1 month and i din't get an answer can you pls unban me because i wait now since 1 year and i don't want to write again a request
Schokofrosch14ß1 3 years ago
Schokofrosch14ß1 you are almost unbaned, you forgot one term
Posted by blalp 3 years ago
This discussion thread is checked extremely frequently. >>>> We have a forum at >>>> create account at >>>> Lost islands bug reports:,330.0.html >>>> Lost islands general discussion:,328.0.html >>>> Don't know who to forum private message? Our staff team here:,125222.0.html >>>> -Blalp Lost Islands Owner. Have a great day everybody!
blalp 3 years ago
hey, i am giraffeman2 on the server but have had to make a new technic account. can someone please fix my crashing issue. i crash every ten seconds on my island, out of nowhere. it was all ok until yesterday, when there was a bit of lag, and i did nothing that could have caused it, i was just working on an me system
giraffeman12 3 years ago
plz fix this, its really annoying me not being able to do anythng on the server
Posted by giraffeman12 3 years ago
That is on fun. I will see what i can do. Making a forum account here might help to coordinate matters.
Posted by blalp 3 years ago
is somebody on ? :(
Schokofrosch14ß1 3 years ago
pls unban me my name in minecraft is Schokofrosch1401 and wait now since 1 year and i want to play pls
Schokofrosch14ß1 3 years ago
Please make an unban here,142518.0.html
Posted by blalp 3 years ago
Is this a server-only modpack? Singleplayer seems to have nothing but the void lmao
Le Baconator 3 years ago
Pretty much, I think there is a world download on our forums if you like.,142518.0.html for download.
Posted by blalp 3 years ago
i cant download the pack it gets to 99% and then says to contact the mod author : (
XxMidoriNiwaxX 4 years ago
Should be fixed now
Posted by blalp 3 years ago
If you have an questions or concerns or suggestions please go to and the forums. We (the staff team, does not check this)
blalp 4 years ago
blalp its iron had to delete the modpack but now it wont let me reinstall it
Posted by irondragoon12 4 years ago
ok so good mudpack except it was set up really poorly
shadowlord95 4 years ago
on the server can one of you move my position I keep time out if it help the pls do so my name is mobestep
Mobestep 4 years ago
The Lost Islands server keep time out for me and it say that 6 people are on when there zero on at 7am my name is in game is mobestep if the server owner can help me then thx my uptime is around 34:00 hours and if you what to get a hold of me my email is [email protected] I could play the other day at 3:00pm but when I got back on it say time out if you can help just msg me pls and thx you
Mobestep 4 years ago
It did the exact same thing to me a while ago.
Posted by Gamezenmaster 4 years ago
server was probably just down
Posted by blalp 3 years ago
What happened! None of my computers can get on! Ive even gone to another house to try their internet. Yep nothing
EpicCoffee 4 years ago
HI can one of the guys on the sever reset my position my game keeps crashing when i go on plz my user name is Togria THANKS
TogiraPlayz 4 years ago
Can you make a forum account please and private message me?
Posted by blalp 3 years ago
I need the help of an admin for my island, If someone can destroy my building guide because my game crash when I pop on my island ! I love this serv and I really need help !
huricanemax 4 years ago
Hi I have a problem with logging to server before i can join, but now i can´t. Yesterday I delete and instal the pack and it works but i do not wanna to to that every time. Please help me with it.
minehige 4 years ago
still happening?
Posted by blalp 3 years ago

Latest Update

The Lost Islands was updated to version 1.1.5