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Rockets Rifles Robots Version 4.15

created by AthensMC on Minecraft Version 1.7.10

Rockets Rifles Robots updated to version 4.15

RRR V4.13 - 12/21/2015 Update

Agricraft -> AgriCraft-1.7.10-1.4.6-pre2.jar
-ADDED: Support for Agriculture 2
-ADDED: Config option to disable mod specific fruit drops
-ADDED: Descriptions for the new HC and PMP seeds
-ADDED: Brightness bar in the journal displaying what brightness a plant needs
-ADDED: Missing mutations for some Harvestcraft and PMP seeds
-FIXED: MineTweaker support for weed raking drops having wrong import
-FIXED: Weird behaviour for some API methods
-FIXED: Weird lighting when rendering (thanks HenryLoenwind)
-FIXED: Lapis not growing
Applied Energistics 2 -> appliedenergistics2-rv3-beta-1
Fixes #1611: Resolves some chunkloading behaviours not correctly updating the network - yueh
Armourers Workshop -> Armourers-Workshop-1.7.10-
Added: Paint type label to the colour mixer.
Change: Use model average colour when calculating dye colour.
Change: Updated Viking Helmet (Blood) skin to support dyes.
Change: Max file name length to 30 from 24.
Change: Dye table layout and added background icons for dye bottle slots
Fixed: Christmas season event only triggering on the 25.
Fixed: Colour picker not working on armourer blocks. (again)
Fixed: Mannequin head wobble overflowing on older worlds.
Fixed:Z Ordering of block skins being in the wrong order. (sort of)
Buildcraft -> buildcraft-7.1.14
Bugs fixed:
[#3128] Fluid Tanks displaying liquids as white (even with their color set) (iTitus)
[#3120] Gate triggers not taking the inventory's maximum stack size into account (iTitus)
[#3119] Tinker Construct's Auto-Repair modifier not working properly with robots (iTitus)
Builders not placing floating tripwires (ProgrammerHero)
Calculator -> Calculator-1.7.10-1.9.0
-Calculator Locators now produce 500rf/t at their smallest size.
-Greenhouses: Not adding farmland on some blocks
-Greenhouses: Voiding some items
-Lanterns: Dropping Coal when placed inside
-Sickle: Crashing on Pear Leaves
Carpenter’s Blocks -> Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.8_dev_r6 - MC 1.7.10
[R1] Tweaked cached lighting code for greater compatibility, but increased latency.
[R1] Added rotation support to slab, lever, button, ladder, daylight sensor, pressure plate and torch.
[R1] Fixed ownership always being enforced.
[R2] Fixed bad import causing click crash.
[R3] Fixed routable fluid rendering while under fluid blocks.
[R4] Fixed routable fluid crash with Flux Goo and other Forge-type fluids.
[R5] Corrected player interaction events to better support MyTown2, others. [krwminer]
[R5] Suppressed routable fluids exception occasionally thrown server-side.
[R5] Fixed invalid slope rotations causing unrecoverable crashes. Now resets abnormal slopes automatically.
[R6] Refactored garage door connection code to hopefully resolve recursion crashes. Added new multiblock size limit to configuration file.
Computer Craft -> ComputerCraft1.76pr8
Fixed monitors sometimes rendering without part of their text.
Fixed a regression in the “bit” API.
Extra Cells -> ExtraCells-1.7.10-2.3.5b171
Fixed Server Crash
Updates Gas/Fluid terminal/export import recipes and eliminates conflicts
PneumaticCraft -> PneumaticCraft-1.7.10-1.12.3-146-universal
-Added Edit Sign puzzle piece.
-Added Condition: Light Level puzzle piece.
-Increased max Label length for the Remote.
-Added config option for the minigun damage.
-Added 'Convert to relative coordinates' function to the Programmer.
-Added 'Check for Liquids' option to the Condition: Block.
-Bugfix: Remote Label stops updating variable name when using the .x .y or .z postfix.
-Bugfix: Minor sync issue with the Universal Sensor text field.
Progressive Automation -> ProgressiveAutomation-1.7.10-1.6.29
Bug Fixes mainly:
Portuguese translation
Power should display correctly in client side things
Added a config to limit the amount of range upgrades machines can take
Farmers will no longer pick up eggs when full (closing a dupe bug)
Added support for thaumcraft trees (Not sure if saplings are dropping however)
RF Drills -> RFDrills-1.7.10-1.7.2
Fixed bug which crashed the game on startup if WAILA isn't installed
Got rid of redundant code that registers Simply Jetpacks' Dark Soularium in the Ore Dictionary
RF Windmills -> rfwindmill-1.7.10-0.7c
- Fixed occasional crash when breaking rotors
- Added Portuguese translation
- Column behind or vertically centred on windmill no longer blocks wind
- Fixed missing rotor block textures
- Added German translation
- Windmills can now be turned by hand
Thermal Recycling -> ThermalRecycling-1.7.10-
ADDED: Shift right click with crescent hammer or battle wrench to break machines. Content will drop.
ADDED: Seeds registered with "listAllseed" will be tagged as BROWN compost (AgriCraft).
ADDED: Vacuum and Recycle enchantments
ADDED: Dump Pile of Rubble loot table to ThermalRecycling.log during startup. Helps modpack authors figure out what is in the list and make adjustments.
CHANGED: Don't allow Pile of Rubble to generate on top of another pile (looking at you BoP).
CHANGED: Power consumption and operation duration of the Thermal Recycler is now configurable.
CHANGED: Thermal Recycler will not start operation until there is enough energy stored in internal storage to complete the entire operation. This eliminates the chatty nature of TileEntity updates when running in low power conditions.
CHANGED: Clarified config file documentation related to Waila options. Some of the comments could have been easily misconstrued.
CHANGED: Modified internal random number generation to use ThreadLocalRandom variant.
UPDATE: Built against Forge 1614. It's the most bleeding edge version at this moment. The mod should be compatible with 1448 and after.
UPDATE: Updated Forestry and BuildCraft API dependencies.
UPDATE: ru_RU and pt_BR language updates.
FIXED: No longer able to rotate/dye a vending machine that is not owned by the player.
FIXED: [OpenEye] Unable to find method getLoadedEntityList() when item stack merging is enabled
WAILA Harvestability -> WailaHarvestability-mc1.7.10-1.1.6
Added proper support for adventure mode harvestability
Added Waila option to show harvest level number (can now choose to show harvest level name, number, both, or neither)
Hardcore Questing Mod -> HQM-The Journey-4.4.4
Fixed :
Fixed hotkeys from being hooked when not in edit mode.
A few translation derps
Trigger quests should work again.
Added :
Reputation bars now also save to JSON.
ItemPrecision now is an abstract class which allows for mods to add their own precision types.
BeeSpecific < for example how to do it. Thanks to Vexatos.
Config option to allow reward bags have the title that are given to them in the reward bag section.


Looking Glass -> lookingglass-1.7.10-
See what's "inside" your compact machines - from the outside!

Removed recipes for RF Tools shield generators; these currently destroy the server. If a fix is found these will be re-enabled.
Recipe change - Mariculture vat is now 7 LEAD ingots in a U shape (instead of copper).
Recipe change - ZF-4 scope now uses glass BLOCKS instead of glass PANES, eliminating a recipe conflict with the 4x scope.

Ender IO and Buildcraft jetpacks enabled in Simply Jetpacks config (oops! Sorry)
Compact Machines config updated to enable Looking Glass mod integration
Mekanism Config; lowered machine sounds from 1.0 to .25

HQM Quests Update
A number of quests were improperly using precise detection instead of NBT independent detection, preventing completion, including Bibliocraft tape measure, leadstone energy cells. and more. These have been fixed. Rewards have been added to some extra utilities quests which were missing them. As always, since these are imported from other sources, report all bugs to Elynn or Blue ASAP for fixes!
AthensMC posted a changelog update for Rockets Rifles Robots 4 years ago


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