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Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Medi-Kingdoms) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Medi-Kingdoms from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Medi-Kingdoms Version 4.5

created by BrightFD on Minecraft Version 1.12.2

As many of you know my other modpack: W&FPRPG, has a LOT of mods and is very difficult. I wanted this to be the opposite, this pack has only 90 mods (give or take), I introduce to you:

Medi-Kingdoms: Dragon Tamer

Starting out youll notice it has some of the mods from my other pack are here, as well as new ones. First thing to do is find home-base. Then gather a BUNCH of basic resources (wood, cobble, fence, stairs, etc. Then youll need to make a SupplyCamp Chest with 5 regular chests on bottom row and middle sides. Also make a Building Tool if you want exact placement of your Kingdom. Right click with the tool and place the camp, then you will get your town hall, which will auto claim 128 blocks in every direction (still FTB claim by pressing the map icon in your inventory to keep away other players). After that, you make a Builders Hut. He will build the rest for you if you assign him to, ill let you take it from there. Theres a few things to also keep in mind:

Tough As Nails but without temperature, so youll still have to drink but wont freeze or burn up. Watch out for Dragons. Yes. Dragons. If one sees you and you're unprepared, you will die. Defend your Kingdom from these beasts or Tame one to fight with you! The food system is the same, eat more foods to gain hearts, but without the overhaul so you can feel free to sprint-hop everywhere. Vanilla+ enchantments! Upgrade an enchantment table with Hellshelfs for above level 200 enchants! Make an Alter Of The Sea to trade crap gear for good enchants! Make Enchanting Tombs to make your very own Books to upgrade gear! Waystones to travel between villages GraveStones in case you die!

MOD LIST AS OF CURRENT (All Mods have been tweaked and fully customized)

(All Mods have been tweaked and fully customized)

~AgriCraft (Farming Mod)

~Animania (Animal Mod)

~Apotheosis (Random)

~AppleSkin (HUD Mod)

~AquaCulture (Fishing Mod)

~ArchitectureCraft (Building Mod)

~BackPacks (Luxury Mod)

~Baubles (Inventory Mod)

~Better Survival (RPG Mod)

~Better Advancements (RPG Mod)

~Better Builders Wands (Building Mod)

~BetterFPS (FPS Booster)

~BiblioCraft (Building Mod)

~Biomes O Plenty (Biome Mod)

~Bountiful (Quest Mod)

~Chest Transporter (Luxury Mod)

~Chisel (Building Mod)

~Comforts (Luxury Mod)

~Chunk Animator (FPS Booster)

~ClassicCombat (Fight Mech Mod)

~Clumps (FPS Booster)

~Craft Tweaker 2 (Recipe Changer)

~Dynamic Lights (Environment Mod)

~Dynamic Trees (Environment Mod)

~Dynamic Trees BOP (Environment Mod)

~Dynamic Trees PHC (Environment Mod)

~Enchantment Descriptions (Data Search Mod)

~Ender Storage (Storage Mod)

~Extra Alchemy (Brewing Mod)

~Familiar Fauna (Environment Mod)

~FoamFix (FPS Booster)

~Forgotten Items (RPG Mod)

~FTB Utilities (Server Mod)

~GlobalXP (Luxury Mod)

~GraveStone (Luxury Mod)

~Ice And Fire: Dragons (RPG Mod)

~Inventory Pets (RPG Mod)

~IronChest (Storage Mod)

~Just Enough Items (Data Search Mod)

~Journey Map (RPG Mod)

~Level-Up! (RPG Mod)

~Lootbags (RPG Mod)

~Malisisdoors (Environment Mod)

~Millenaire (RPG/Environment Mod)

~MineCololnies (RPG/Building Mod)

~Morpheus (Luxury Mod)

~MultiMine (Luxury Mod)

~Neat (HUD Mod)

~NoMoreRecipeConflict (Luxury Mod)

~Pams HarvestCraft (Farming/Food Mod)

~Quality Tools (RPG Mod)

~Quark (Random)

~Random Patches (FPS Booster)

~Roguelike Dungeons (RPG Mod)

~Ruins (Environment Mod)

~Serene Seasons (Environment Mod)

~Slice Of Life: Carrot Edition (Difficulty Mod)

~Sophisticated Wolves (Environment Mod)

~TheOneProbe (HUD Mod)

~TorchMaster (Luxury Mod)

~Tough As Nails (Difficulty Mod)

~Vending (Trading Mod)

~Waystones (RPG Mod)

Latest Update

Medi-Kingdoms was updated to version 4.5