Install KN: Ancient Kingdoms

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (KN: Ancient Kingdoms) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select KN: Ancient Kingdoms from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

KN: Ancient Kingdoms Version STABLE-0.7.0

created by SleepingTea98 on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder

Version STABLE-0.7.0 - Recommended by Kinetic Network
Custom file by Kinetic Network
Akashic Tome by Vazkii
The book of books.
Ancient Spellcraft by Dan by WinDanesz
Ancient Spellcraft is an addon mod for Electroblob's Wizardry, adding many new spells, mechanics, blocks and a new magical element to the game.
Ancient Warfare Core by shadowmage45, P3pp3rF1y
Ancient Warfare mod for Minecraft 1.7+
AppleSkin by squeek
Adds various food-related HUD improvements
Aroma1997's Dimensional World
This mod adds a new Dimension especially for mining. It is pretty much like the overworld, just different. :-)
This is basically a library used by most my other mods.
AstikorCarts by MennoMax
Carts that can be pulled by other entities.
AutoRegLib by Vazkii
Automatically item, block, and model registration for mods.
Bad Wither No Cookie! Reloaded by droidicus, kreezxil
A simple mod to silence the Wither and Dragon broadcast sounds.
Baubles by Azanor
Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft
Better Advancements by way2muchnoise
An improvement to the Advancementscreen
Better Builder's Wands by Portablejim
Wands that allow placing of multiple blocks at a time
Better Questing by Funwayguy
A new and improved questing mod for Minecraft pack creators
Better Questing Quest Book by Drethic
Quest book to open the quest GUI to reduce keybinding collison.
Bookshelf by darkhax, lclc98
Bookshelf is a core/library mod, which adds new features and tools into the game for other content creators to work with. The primary focus of this project is to make use of the combined strength of the modded community to create wonderful tools that everyone can use.
Bookworm Library by SoggyMustache, Knightworm
Animation and model loading tools
Chameleon by jaquadro
Shared code and render support for mods. Used by jaquadro's mods.
Chisel by tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr
Adds in tons of fancy blocks for decoration, crafted using the Chisel.
Clumps by Jaredlll08
Clumps xp orbs together .
CodeChicken Lib by ChickenBones, covers1624
CodeChickenLib is a library of systems to help make various aspects of minecraft modding easier. It contains libraries for 3D math and transformations, model rendering, packets, config, colours, asm and a few other things..
Controlling by Jaredlll08
Gives people more Control of the key binding screen.
Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth
Adds a cooking book and multiblock kitchens that only shows recipes you can make with what you currently have in your inventory.
CraftTweaker2 by StanHebben, Jaredlll08
Customize your minecraft experience!
CreativeCore by CreativeMD, N247S
A core mod required by the most mods of CreativeMD. Contains a packets system, gui-api and other utils.
CTM by tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr
Allows resource packs to add connected textures, emissive rendering, and much more.
Custom Main Menu by lumien
Allows you to edit the mainmenu using json
Decocraft by RazzleberryFox
Adds 3500+ models to decorate your Minecraft world.
Doggy Talents by percivalalb
Turning your wolves into fun, playful dogs.
Dungeon Mobs by ExampleDude
Evil Monsters for Minecraft
DungeonTactics by PegBeard
Some handy tools for the avid adventurer
Eerie Entities by Darkhax, Jared
Adds eerie entities to the game.
Electroblob's Wizardry by Electroblob
Electroblob's Wizardry adds an rpg-style system of magic spells to Minecraft with the aim of being as playable as possible. No crazy constructs, no perk trees, no complex recipes - simply find spell books, cast spells, and master the arcane!
Enchanting Plus
Provides a less random enchanting system.
Example Mod by ExampleDude
Example placeholder mod.
Farming for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth
Adds a seed market with a search bar and a scrolling grid.
Fast Leaf Decay by Olafski
Increases leaf decay rates.Check out the config to change the decay rate!
Fish's Undead Rising by Fish0016054
Fill your world with all kinds of mobs, undead-related or not.
FTB Library by LatvianModder
FTB Utilities by LatvianModder
Harvest by TehNut
Right click crop harvesting
Harvester's Night by Lykrast
Entry for MMD Spooky Jam 2018. Fight the Harvester when its night comes.
Ice and Fire by Alexthe666, Raptorfarian
Ice and Fire adds dragons and other mythological creatures to Minecraft.
Inventory Tweaks
Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic replacement of broken tools or exhausted stacks of items.
Iron Backpacks by gr8pefish
Adds tiered backpacks and a system of modular upgrades to go with them!
Iron Chest by cpw
New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items.The feature chest is the crystal chest, which is transparent - some inventory contents are visible without opening the chest
It's the little things by Zlepper, Paint_Ninja
A mod that does those "little things".
Item Blacklist by DoubleDoorDev, Claycorp, Dries007
Block players from using items! Dim configurable!
Just Enough Items by mezz
Simple recipe and item helper.
kinetic anti-cheat by GameGunner5, SleepingTea, AtlasTheFirst
Anti-Cheat for the Kinetic Network
LemonLib by Lemons
LittleTiles by CreativeMD, Shana
LLibrary by iLexiconn, gegy1000
The lightweight Minecraft modding library
MineColonies by Let's Dev Together Team
MineColonies is a Colony/Town Simulator that adds many structures and NPC workers and guards that you control and put to work for you! Based around a townhall and village mechanic, there are numerous workers that can be added to your colony, building a busy and vibrant village/town/city within Minecraft. There is no coded limit to the number of NPC's at your disposal, so you can create a small efficient Village dedicated to a particular type of worker, or a sprawling metropolis with many workers. It's entirely up to you!
Minecraft Forge (Custom) by LexManos
Minecraft Forge is a common open source API allowing a broad range of mods to work cooperatively together. Is allows many mods to be created without them editing the main Minecraft Code
Minecraft Rich Presence by dierke9
Mod that creates a Discord Rich Presence of your current game
MoreOverlays by feldim2425
Adds some overlays from NEI (Mob spawns, Chunk Bounds, Item Search)
Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR
A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functions to the usual mouse buttons.
v1.12.2 b3
MrMarnics's Animal Net by MrMarnic
With this mod you can catch animals with a net
Neat by Vazkii
Minimalistic Functional Unit Plates for the modern Minecrafter
NetherPortalFix by BlayTheNinth
Ensures correct destinations when travelling back and forth through Nether Portals in Multiplayer.
OreExcavation by Funwayguy, Darkosto
Allows players to mine whole veins of ore, cut down whole trees or any other tool based action in one go. Simple easy to understand configs are also provided for mod pack developers
Pam's HarvestCraft by Pamela Collins
Expanding minecraft's food system.
PamSimpleHarvest by CerulanLumina
Provides automatic integration between TehNut's SimpleHarvest and Pam's Harvestcraft
Phosphor Lighting Engine by Angeline (@jellysquid)
Consider pledging to my Patreon! Your support will go directly towards funding development of Phosphor and other performance enhancing mods. engine performance optimizations and bug fixes for Minecraft. These improvements are based upon the work done by Mathe172 and PhiPro95. Without their work towards reverse engineering and diagnosing Minecraft's lighting performance crisis, this project would not have been possible.You can also follow development on my Twitter, if that's your thing:
Adds pigstep to 1.12.2. Found in nether fortresses
Pirates Mod by Spectre0987
Mod adding pirate- related stuff.
Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire
1 library boi
Quark by Vazkii, wiiv
Small things.
RandomPatches by TheRandomLabs
A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft.
ReAuth by TechnicianLP
A Mod to renew your Session
Reliquary by x3n0ph0b3, TheMike, P3pp3rF1y
Two words: magical swag. Oh, and a gun.
Resource Loader by lumien
Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts resources without making a resource pack.
Rustic by the-realest-stu
A medieval themed Minecraft mod based around decoration, exploration, and agriculture.
shermans by The Kinetic Team
Added Shermans to Minecraft
Shipwrecks! by The Winslow
Adds shipwrecks to the oceans and beaches of the overworld.
Simple Trophies by quaternary
It adds trophies!
Smooth Font by bre2el
Draws all fonts smoothly in any scale and also can use any font in your computer.
Spartan Fire by Kovak
Adds versions of spartan weaponry's weapons using ice and fire materials.
Spartan Shields by ObliviousSpartan
Spartan Shields adds a variety of new shields to Minecraft.
beta 1.3.8
Spartan Weaponry by ObliviousSpartan
Weapons Galore! A whole new arsenal of weaponry made for Minecraft. Inspired by Balkon's WeaponMod, it adds new versions of weapons from that mod, as well expanding the arsenal with a bunch of original weapons.
Standard Expansion by Funwayguy
Contains all the standard tasks, rewards, importers and themes for Better Questing
Statues by Lemons
Storage Drawers by jaquadro
Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval.
SwingThroughGrass by Exidex
Don't let the grass be between you and your prey!
Toast Control
Control what toasts are enabled, because some of them are useless.
TrashSlot by BlayTheNinth
U Team Core by HyCraftHD, MrTroble
This libary contains many useful modding stuff!
Useful Backpacks by HyCraftHD
This mod adds cool new backpacks to your game.
Waddles by Girafi
Waddles adds somewhat realistic Adélie penguins that waddle
Waila by ProfMobius, TehNut
You are using Hwyla, a fork of Waila. You can find more information on the Hwyla CurseForge page.
Waystones by BlayTheNinth
Teleport back to activated waystones. For Survival, Adventure or Servers.
Xaero's Minimap by Xaero96
The most "vanilla-looking" minimap for Minecraft.
Yet Another Recipe Conflict Fixer by stimmedcow, GotoLink, SirOMGitsYOU, JamesYeoman
Switch between conflicting recipes

Latest Update

KN: Ancient Kingdoms was updated to version STABLE-0.6.1b